Best Yugioh Synchron Extreme Structure Deck Opening Review & YCS Vlog! OH BABY!!

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HeadsinPaperBags says:

this or lightsworn structure deck? or any other you guys might recomend to have fun right out of the box? and kicks a bit of booty? thanks guys!

Krishon Kamalendran says:

Heyyy do anywone know in wich packs i can get stardust dragon

Its_Connor says:

With scrap fist I was able to deal 18,000 damage to my opponent. I still love your videos but I’m just saying

Omar Elmasri says:


Michael Geissert says:

I myself have the deck and just so you know : scrap fist isn’t useless. If you knew something about duelling, you would know. Scrap fist has saved me many times and I’m sure that if we duel, I’ll beat you with scrap fist the last card I play.

FluffyDeKonijn says:

Can u play this with geargia deck?

Martin Ricardo Castro says:

deberías quitar todo lo de abajo en un tin

CatBerry says:

cool video

omer nubani says:

is it worth it

AshyZ says:

i bought only 1 synchron extreme deck , me and my friends bought different structure decks , and i chose this one . is it ok if i play with only 1 copy of this deck (ofc not competitive. we are noobs)

Nikola Blagojevic says:

how do you protect weak attack cards like these?

archangel desciple records says:

with limiter overload it tells you right in the text how the card is used so if you or your opponent destroys it while it’s face down that’s when it activates

Andrew Sosa says:

The first starter deck I got was the utopia one and now I can beat my cousin’s strongest monsters at any time I want.

Gio A says:

stardust warrior’s effect + junk, road, drill, turbo, jet, & nitro warrior = massive trouble for opponents……. SOOOOO getting this deck

goseired22 says:

hey SimplyUnlucky! I’m a really huge fan of yours and a new duelist and wanted your opinion on a deckbuild i made with 3 synchron extreme structure decks

Ssgss4ssg 2.5 legendary g mode kk x1000 and half says:

is this deck good at all? i dont remember seeing good synchro decks sooooo….

Chairoum says:

I am really good with this deck and I win every time I use this deck

Robert Thai says:

Colossal Fighter would work so well with Stardust Warrior…

Joshua Twilley says:

wow lol what are the odds I just bought my first yu gi oh deck and read the how to play and thought I’d see if there were any reviews on the deck and what a standered syncro deck list looked like and you actually had experience with the deck haha good video thank man

omer hamed says:

a 20 fucking minute video for a structure deck profile. the actual fuck?

Jayashan Perera says:

this seems like a good structure deck

SmashPop Mercanary says:

You practically talked for 6 mins also please wait atleast 3 seconds for people who wanna pause and read effect or attack

Jesus From Hyrule says:

Yo wtf I couldn’t understand what he said in his intro

A1rG3ar says:

It sounds pretty arrogant to title your unboxing video as the best.

Jahed Abdul says:

Is scrap fist a good card

supasik1 says:

Opens structure at 6:16

Darryl James says:

Stop making your videos so long and stop talking

Darryl James says:

Send me some cards

MM Flux says:

Where is Junk Warrior?

Tavoris Hunter says:

what is on your wall not to be rude

speed viewer says:

no legengary card

Val Saludo says:

my DN account name was jet warrior and I made it before the card ever existed…I am immortal

Omar Elmasri says:


William Wrafterz says:

My first yugioh cards were 5ds first deck with the road warrior and a dp of the crystal beast guy

Hepton says:

I bought this deck yesterday and I actually didn’t even get Accel Synchron! Wtf

Yeki says:

I was thinking of getting 2 of these and adding clear and crystal wing

Ryuañez says:

That’s a pretty weeby playmat at the start, mate

Omar Elmasri says:


Hellsentgaming says:

Does anyone know a starter or structure deck that has star dust dragon

Jo-Smooth says:

scrap fist is pretty clutch, but it’s too situational

Infla says:

no Stardast Dragon 🙁

ioannis tzortzakis says:

hero strike structure deck vs synchron extreme structure deck which one is better ;

danny y erick says:

this deck is beast

Frost Lance says:

what the fudge is up with your S’s

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