DEX Protection Yugioh / Card Game Storage & Accessories Review

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I this video I review DEX Protection Mini Sleeves, Dualist Deck Box and, Supreme Game Chest.What do you guys think of these accessories? I hope you all enjoy the video!

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Noel López says:

Does anyone know if the dex sleeves are better than hypermat

hanielbomb says:

Hey your not fat, your slim. I always thought you didn’t show your self like sandy due to being fat. I take it back, cool hi

Tltabez Mohsn says:

Hello cyber knight i just start playing yugioh can you give me advice about what starter deck should I buy?

ProtectAgainstMSTDs says:

I ADORE my Dualist deck box. I have used it for years and bring it to every event. It is sturdy, sharp looking, has a nice texture, not an obnoxious logo placement, and will definitely hold enough cards for a tournament.

Monkey D luffy says:

Oooooo muy buenos productos

Neptune Heart says:

Just wondering but why is the setup a bit far away?

Jordzyi 1 says:

That’s stuff is kinda dorky!.

LordOfGrunts 777 says:

I love your Roster Teeth hat! You a fan?

John Smith says:

Real duelists use a briefcase to carry their cards.

Raycapone The Art Designer says:

Cool vid cyber

Alvin Thai says:

Like Kaiba

Reborn Legacy says:

Wow Looks amazing

Vincent Li says:

I owned a DEX deck box before, the red fluff inside the box is kinda easy to stick on sleeves, which is super annoying

Adzy2k1 says:

The red box costs 65 dollars that is so cool. The deck box costs 30 dollars even cheaper by 35 dollars!

Joseph McGuire says:

I have had their deckbox for about 3-4 years still in amazing condition and lasts.

Xavier Torres says:

Do a giveaway on this

Pedro Sanchez says: more

PBI gaming says:

And thanks for another great video

cody greenly says:

I apologize cyber for my comment on other video I’m an idiot rude punk sometimes

Dragonmaster2KA says:

Does a mat fit in that spot. You didn’t really show that last product to well. You should have shown if you can fit other items other then cards and if we can fit deck boxes in that large area

PBI gaming says:


Eidolon Caster says:




ProDuelist89 - Minecraft Pocket Edition says:

Why are there 4 dislikes on this video? Just haters? I love all of your videos, and your deck profiles are all pretty great. I also really like your style of videos. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into these videos!

Jon Baird says:

This plug is so heavy handed even my wall socket can’t support it…..

Micaiah Pickering says:

It can’t survive being run over by a car? Kaiba Corp products would not break so easily.

disc golf kid 21 says:

742 vewee

Blacky Kuroha says:

Does a (rolled) playmat really can fit in the Supreme Game Chest ? Please double check it Cyber, I’m looking for a “Chest” like that if it does fit you’ll help me a lot :’)

Jose Gallegos says:

Bro thats nice poster

Can Musik says:

65$? No thanks. For 20$ maybe.

Eduardo L.S. says:

Bloz :v

Hendriko Riestianto says:

It might be able to hold an anime sleev it seems

Jonathan cross says:

I but me a pack of eclipse card sleeves to put my yugi muto deck in

Curtis Garnier says:

I have the double deck box and I love it

Charmander27 says:

Dex is definitely my favorite brand, but I can’t find a review of the Supreme Game Chest that actually uses it. I want to see if the Dualist double deck box (or its internal boxes) fit within the Supreme Game Chest as well as seeing the Supreme Game Chest with actual cards in it! Nobody will showcase this or list the internal dimensions of that product. I would even like to see if those “flimsy” Ultra Pro deck boxes will fit inside!


Love the hat man!

Juan G says:

Have they restocked other products now? I wanted to buy a few products a while back but they were out of stock

Clockwork02 says:

For the sleeves, my only question is this: how well do they shuffle (currently, and possibly over time)?

Juan Cisneros says:

Love that background

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