I wanna be the very best
The best in my schoolyard
But I won’t ever touch a breast
Till I hold every card

I will talk to old pharaohs
My training will commence
At least I think that’s how it goes
This show makes zero sense

Yu-gi-oh! (Gotta quit this game!) it’s Matt and James
I know it’s a stupid game
Yu-gi-oh, oh, you’re kind of shit
In a world I want to quit

Yu-gi-oh! (Gotta quit this game) it plays like poo
I’ll give it a bad review
Yu-gi-oh me, I’ll gi-oh you

Gotta quit this game! Gotta quit this game!

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Robbie Leu says:

Watching this as a competitive player is fucking hilarious lmaooooo

Simply Kid says:

Suck your pokemon dick

Harry Temple says:

this was actually painful to watch me being someone who knows how many effects and rules both players got wrong

Zack Nadeau says:

God, Achievement Hunter sucks

Random Gamer says:

These guys don’t know how to play when a spell card is activates and you destroy it the card isn’t negated

Tayler Williamson says:

Thumbs up because of the description

SpiralBlitz Gaming says:

when every single rule get’s busted….

Cody M says:

Jesus, no wonder Funhaus hates Achievement Hunter so much…

haseaopk says:

24:00 I sacrifice my Jewish Friend and 5 dollars to summon, Blue Eyes White Dragon!

Christian Boyer says:

Ugh I face palmed about 5 times during this video since I’m a professional duelist and I saw every mistake and I went like why funhaus why

Michael Zacarias Benjamin Glass says:

i wish this quality was standard for their videos

Back on the Rocks says:

That matt kuriboh guy was more jew than the jewish guy

Nitro H2O says:

You don’t now how to play Yu-gi-oh

-TNT47- says:


PetCharmander says:

This guy really wants to win to the point where if people dont know how to play correctly make a honest mistake hes complaining.

Beanado A.K.A the collector jared says:

i know a guy who can first turn kill 3 people at once. each with 8000 lp

Matt Donnelly says:

AH definitely brought Matt to be the one weird kid they make fun of discreetly but he doesn’t realize he’s there as a joke

invaderhim23 says:

Lawrence should have been in this

fullicat says:

Jesus that nerd crew is lame, the turquoise shirt guy is a fooookin bitch, and the bummy jesus guy is just too dam keen.

Skylar Campbell says:

You guys should play some Magic: The Gathering!

chapman2001 says:

That ginger guy is such a cunt

Professor Pimp says:

None of them really know how to play

Whyareureading this says:

i got better cards then them.

Random Gamer says:

Breaker can’t (NEGATE) spell card unless it’s continuous kiba wins because of the cheating

Ryan says:

Ooft that cunt is annoying

Ominous says:

Breaker doesnt negates dark hole…

salmarnir92 says:

Matts gonna die a virgin with a gay haircut

Rose Geek says:

Gavin: why are you talking fancy
Matt: cuz I am Yugi!

samuel kerr says:

James should have summomed elysse and melted them with female presence

Alex DiazdeLeon says:

I like how they make fun of pot of greed when it’s probably the best card out of either deck lol

Hu Hi says:

Gavin with the rule book

Tyrell Taylor says:

10:05 that’s the voice that makes everyone cry.

BioVenom says:

I love the people in the comments getting angry at 30 year old men playing a children’s card game

TheFitchBuckHQ says:

Matts ‘duel mode’ voice makes me want to not watch this but i know that he’s goofing which is making it harder. I’m just like STOP. YOU CAN STOP ANYTIME.

Cernunnos 21 says:

something that i love doing that is very prevalent in this. when you go up against a noob who doesn’t know the rules very well and you can kind of just twist them as you want.

Mark Baber says:

I love Joel.

David Kelly says:

Was looking through old funhaus ideas and was like, “Huh! Not watched this since it first released!” *click*

2 mins in and that Matt guy has fully reminded me why I haven’t rewatched this before

Vada Valor says:

the hippie Jesus guy is hot

Zabih Davary-Diaz says:

I would love to sacrifice some friend to summon a blue eyes white dragon

TheWelshGamingDuelist says:

What a funny duel. Had me in stitches. Haha.

emanuel rojas says:

I would want to work for them if it’s just to explain the rules of what can and can’t happen in card games. except MTG. but it wouldn’t be as funny probably

KrakenKing Gaming says:

Welcome to funhaus cheating, like a lot.

Mrlongname says:

rt ruins everything.

SuperNickid says:

Horus the black flame dragon get stronger by destroying a monster by battle, not when he his destroyed by battle, you have a bad judge, judge can’t read card properly

Captain Weezy says:

We need more yugioh vidoes

Sir Editor says:


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