EPIC YuGiOh Link Strike Starter Deck Opening & Review! A New Era Begins!!

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Estopus says:

League of legends theme song xD

scootalose Y.T. says:

You mean a sad era begins

Abdo Saad says:

I didn’t really liked the new link monsters thing but after seeing this pack with the new cyper cards.. I’ll give it a try
Very good starter deck pack almost perfect really liked it

SomuRanjan Chanda says:

How can i get those?

Seth Larcomb says:

I disagree, I think you can tribute your opponents monster with that effect because it CLEARLY SAYS YOU CAN… With POINTS TOO… Unlike controller which is clearly UNSPECIFIED.

shano dragon says:

Link summon will bring an end to special summoning. why? Cus one it takes to long to get the links on the field to start yah we got links of (1/2/3/4) but not all link monsters have the perfect link set up bye time one of use get the right link going a deck that plus on it’s on can reck terror on the rest and pendulum summon is not the answer to the problem it only gives a temporary fix not just that the deck that can plus are more suitable for link dueling for the simplest facts there all effect monster decks but not all can support an extra deck on top sync summoning is even more tuff to do first (link sum then sync sum ) and pray your one link don’t die or hope no one can stop special summoning point blank cus if so sao abridged S1 EP 1 ahem…………. Your fucked !!!!

saleh ahmed says:

whats better pendulum domination or this one

Stephen Williams says:

yo unlucky,I heard what you said about people quitting and I don’t know why cause if people watch the anime the main stuff ain’t going nowhere matter of fact its called a master duel now and I’m not too crazy bout buying decks cause they’re not accurate from the anime but I bought it anyway cause of the link summoning and PS even though that deck just dropped you know they got another deck coming out in the fall too a cyberverse deck,anyway big fan of your work and keep doing your thing my dude

Dan Doodle says:

Well if you can’t tribute your opponent’s monster, why didn’t they have if typed in the text box? I mean it would be nice to have the reference -_-

Nico Navarro says:

This video is awesome!!!!!!

HighStrife says:

Two honeybots pointing to eachothers

Alex Talbain says:

I learned the new format and it looks interesting so much so that i think i might get back into the game

Slash pony says:

The potency levels of many of these cards surprised me. For a starter deck, having things like Veiler, Cardcar D, Barbaros, Fiendish Chain, Terraforming, Bottomless, etc. was pretty awesome. I’d have expected something like that from Structure decks, but not from the flagship Link starter deck. And due to having field spam and a couple Tuners, it also makes some basic Synchro and XYZ monsters splash able into its ED simple without having to change the main deck. That’s something I appreciate.

Beaver rebellion says:

Simply unlucky, could you do a red eyes deck profile, claw of Hermos?

Warren Denham says:

Sticking to old school.

Dooky says:

“Link” Strike starter deck.

Has the triforce of courage play mat.

Was that on purpose?

Kartik Punna says:

Honestly, why does everyone hate link summoning? It’s a really good way to add strategy into the game rather than Quasar.

Michael Koripas says:

Yugiog Vrains is actuallly good wtf

Anthony Nguyen says:

Is it me or the background music for this vid is league of legends ranked champ select music

Ryan Groves says:

KONAMI needs to make link pendulum monsters this would fix the game entirely because if there were link pendulum u could use the top 3 link markers with a super cool pendulum effect to use their tops 3 markers as a way to open up the main monster zones and yes u need to first link summon these link pendulums and then destroy them and then play their send them to an open pendulum zone effect and then u can open 4 main monster zones and then if u have someone like Decode taller that is in a Extra monster zone on ur side use its bottom 2 off to the sides link markers which ever side it links with open up the middle main monster zone and then automatically you get to Special summon as many monsters as you want quicker. KONAMI needs to learn how to get their heads OUT OF THEIR REAR ENDED AND MAKE THESE CARDS THIS WOULD FIX THE GAME.

Dark Scream says:

Dayum imma buy 2 for them spell and traps all good shit

Offical Dylan5 says:

You should duel with the deck


yeah pretty dope idk it was new but i like it pretty good i beat my son with it lol
and super down for that match also if you have done it already

Tyler Thomas says:

Hi SimplyUnlucky I have a quick question towards the Link monsters do they have a defense if so where doesn’t say it on the card when I tried to look it up I couldn’t find anything about it

TheBrotherhoodofGaming.com says:

Nonsense. I don’t need new cards. i can stand firm and prove that the old cards are just as good. back in my day of Duel Monsters. we didn’t rely on cheap tricks, archetypes, and link summons. back then. You had a starter deck and booster packs to give it more power, what worked with your deck got put in, what didn’t was cast out and traded to dumber players who would fork over a better card. and you kept this up until you made a superior dueling deck filled with strange and obscure Monsters, Magic Cards and Trap cards that may have been unrelated. but they worked.

*buys a Link strike starter deck* …. best way to know your enemy… learn how they play.
*Kaiba laugh*

weedwak says:

I don’t get the hate for the new rules. Wayyyyyyy better than Pendelums.

L.E.F.F. Productions says:

why the hell did they done that?they have broken the game!!!!the game was better before

TheDeliciousMystery says:

I’m glad my Buster Blader deck is still usable, but RIP Ghostricks.


Ima pick up at least 3 or 4

Whatever88 says:

So many good cards people won’t believe it’s a starter deck…….

Jinx Jade says:

Damn, buy three of these and have all the generic support cards you need.

Jack Blurr says:

Are you ready to buy new cards to win because you are a lifeless pathetic loser who plays a card game that requires money to win? Do you want to beat every player who is not playing the new cards? Then do not wait, buy our new products now!!

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