Epic YuGiOh Random Pack Opening! Marching with the Noble Knights! OH BABY!!

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cody greenly says:

why did you go over the trap card when you did curcuit break you skipped the rare

Devernair Lindo says:

Are u doing any give aways??

Colby Knox says:

Rip face cam

Pablo Barraza says:

Ladys and Gentlemen….the BEST YUGIOH YOUTUBER EVER!!!

slash 4500 says:


Jedi S.H says:

put the video in 2x speed way better

Brymal says:

Yo! When are you gonna do that long awaited face reveal? I’m waiting for it

orcaplayz says:

Hey guy i am making tv art yugioh cards and i will what to know if anyone will buy or trade for them if you what i will get your email and send you pics i made a few god cards but i need money to make more i have about i have two slifers

Hosany Ally says:

Do u have only gx 5ds and zexal packs for the extra opening. Don’t u have some arc v packs

Tony Hasselstrom says:

Nooooo not the face cam rip

DarkStar says:

OH BABY!! another random pack opening, you got some nice pulls too. Really hoping you can keep these coming and if you can do it I would like to see random pack openings on SimplyUnlucky as well. Maybe less of the current sets though, I like random pack openings mostly because I like seeing Ultimates and or Ghosts get pulled, maybe both? Give it to me!! KAIBA!!

Simply YuGiOh says:

Still continuing our luck with this incredible opening. Oh Baby!

William Tague says:

Next video you should open 2 packs of each and mad the video a bit longer

Danny Riat says:

Let’s see a Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament where the winner opens a scripted pack (pack that may have a secret rare). That would be cool if the decks were based off characters from the show… like Pegasus vs jaiden yuki, or joey vs the fat koala kid on GX haha, or even mai valentine vs Yusef, ooh oh Marik vs his sister

BigO says:

open more packs per video of your random pack videos

Lee Fish says:

If anybody is interested in a DB1-EN114 Ultra Rare Raigecki.Im selling one on eBay current price $30 well below market.Good condition

Also few other classic cards from my childhood I’m selling.

James Hannan says:

Anyone know an easy way to get gems in Yu-Gi-Oh duel links


wow you need to get SUPER laid

Eric Xiong says:

great video simply unlucky and great random pack opening man not showing your face is fine i’ve sean cyberknight done this alot when he does random pack or box opening

Lord Pistonia says:

Best facecam on this channel Nofront

xECOWx MoNsTeR says:

Great video :0

tomtris88ify says:


Angel shrimp says:

Market watch plz

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