Explaining the new September 2018 Yu-Gi-Oh! ban list!

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AsgardGaming says:

Empty Jar Teir 0 format

Matt Cooper says:

*Nerfed 20 minute pend magician turns

Orangutan stuff says:

I got altergeist silquitious in a recent booster back

Michael Hirschowitz says:

You know as a dino player this list pretty much didn’t affect me at all, (aside from terra going to 2 but whatever) is it to much to ask for misc to go to like 2 please.

MidnightII says:

They actually did ban Cannon Soldier in the OCG. In fact, they went the extra mile and banned Toon Cannon Soldier. Which is as hilarious as it is tragic.

Ищер Гущеров says:

What about electrumite getting limited

Kartana says:

I put a lot of money into a meta deck, and lost it all when A was banned

Lazy Lee says:

Cannon soldier lives another day

Reks Joseph Volstgalph says:

No playing altergeist here. I’m getting myself into Mekk-knights now. With that shifty boy

Laughing At You says:

The OCG got a better fucking banlist. Amazoness Archers AND Cannon Solider mk2 AND summon sorc got banned.

shadows221 says:

Your scared of a 12k dark destroyer when f.a.’s can easily go much, much, much higher than them. Those cards could probably reach 60k if played right and they get both limiters on the field.

Shadow Spector says:

Here I am thinking that A got hit because Card Destruction got unban. Knowing that it was hit to make room for Firewall makes me furious and wanting Firewall to be banned.

KrazyPanda 3 says:

Best ban list channel ever

Sharkrat 420 says:

I’ve been playing tellars since nekroz format, we finally got our exciton back boys

NoVa says:

The best hit was Trif to zero

StormCrown says:

Why limit A instead of just banning the Cannon Soldier like cards?

PhoenixFlareX says:

Could ban Cannon Soldier
Could ban Firewall Dragon

naaaaaaah lets limit A instead this card’s fucked…..

srn347 says:

They didn’t ban the problem card (firewall dragon) because it’s an important anime character’s card and konami of japan hates banning those. They tried to ban it and konami of japan said no. We probably got super poly back solely for that same reason.

Lucas Vale says:

I was playing against ABC and winning the guy was with 400 atk and the he started the loop and just by doing the he won the duel


ppl hate fire wall so much thay want tit banned but thay could just make it’s eff once per turn LIKE NIGGA REALY ?

Carlos Corona says:

Gouki can still combo off it just takes 69 more steps

Benjamin Åberg says:

Don’t hate on my Altergeists, they’re innocent! Reeeee

RegiRuler says:

I hate ABC but even I pity having A limited.

Collin Cleaves says:

Gouki ain’t dead but wow the extra is a lot harder to pull of then you now it comes down the best u can do is Firewall with a tri gate co linked to 3the u board is actually very sub par now without goblin and harder to do

Mushmak says:

Trickster now have more reincarnations to play with 🙂

St. Frank says:

That’s impossible. Setting your board first turn usually takes forever anyway because Konami decided: “Hey! Know what would be fun? Solitaire in a two-player game! Eh? EH?! What’s that? You’d like an actual turn this game? Well. . . just pay for our FTK builds.

GamerCainey says:

Savage Strike against Trif there XD

Sacha Raphard says:

They killed my ABC, the monsters…

Emolga Emolga says:

Firewall Dragon is a Protagonist card, thats why it won’t be banned
Trickstar are THE ENTIRE DECK of a main character
hmmmm *thonk*

Daniel D. says:

They limited A-Assulat Core because they were afraid of another Night Assaliant loop.

GormGear says:

Ban Stratos, give us 3 AHL back
*smiley face*

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