FINALLY! Yu-Gi-Oh September 2017 Banlist Review

It’s finally here! Let’s talk about the new Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden & Limited Cards list. Are Zoodiacs, True Dracos, and Dinosaurs finally dead? What decks will dominate next?

Check it out for yourself:



Daniel Jester says:

I’m so glad this doesn’t effect MY dino deck at all!!!

Rebellion Studios says:

konami teasing shaddol players

Wilzon Marinero says:

Free Dark Destroyer!!!

Larvae Moth says:

So do you think they were going for not completely killing decks, but nerfing and still being playable? Maybe besides Zoo, I think this is the right direction.

Truesky44 says:

Konami knew after the world tournament a lot of people were going to spam true king dinos so they limited it. It was a smart move.

jacobhuntLFC says:

On the BLS. I add it to my monarch deck for extra power.

Glen Sullivan says:

Mathematician is great in Lightsworn, to send either Fairy Tail – Snow, Wulf, Lightsworn Beast or Felis, Lightsworn Archer. With Felis can turn into Black Rose Dragon to clear feild. Earth so can be 1 component to get out Missus Radiant, Which can get you back Mathematician when it is destroyed. Ryko, with Mathematician and Felis gets into Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier? Very interesting times ahead

Ariel Ramos says:

Witch of the Black Forest at x3!!!! Come forth Exodia!

BlackRaveBow says:

My performapals and abyss actors shall live!

Bowser theBoss says:

ABC is safe the only things i have against this banlist is dark hole and misc at 1 other than that theres some cards that are still banned that i believe shouldnt be cards like change of heart graceful charity pot of greed monster reborn and alot of elemental heroes

TJ Kinder says:

Speculation is that Konami is tired of having so many board wipes that it’s impossible to build an actual “safe” board

John Evans says:

E•HERO Stratos needs to come off. Hasn’t the OCG gotten their version (E•HERO Airman) back awhile ago!

theNEWMASKSdudexxx says:

I’m still laughing at the fact that you think Firewall Dragon should be errata’d

Jamie Craig says:

Honest at 3 gave me a small Yugi-boner

Slash pony says:

Terraforming needed hit to 1, Maxx “C” probably should have been tried at 2, and Stratos, Monster Reborn, and HFD should have gone 1

Karen Dick says:

So what’s meta now

Larvae Moth says:

So do you think they were going for not completely killing decks, but nerfing and still being playable? Maybe besides Zoo, I think this is the right direction.

Franco Bobadilla says:

So does this mean evilswarms are relevant?

Steven Boucher says:

I think they don’t want much power to all the board wiping cards

Moshuun says:

I can adjust to the new format & cards, etc. I’m an old school player & I was ready to comeback only to realize, after ALL these years, I still have to hashtag #FreeMyNiggaStratos I don’t even care about links. I just refuse to play, until he’s freed !!

D Carter says:

Nothing about “Maxx C”??

RainMasterXD says:

Wish he would edit this to have the cards he is talking about on screen, I only keep tabs on the game so I’m not familiar with the newest cards and don’t feel like looking them up just so i can follow along. They do it in a lot of their other vids so why not here? Oh well. Rip me I suppose.

Mevestos says:

Not even a mention for the Vendread implications?

Stefan Faro says:

The field wipes more limited is a good thing! This day game to much player will lose their match because opponent activated a dark hole and can not restore form it!

SnowDeity says:

is that persona 5 soundtrack i hear? 8D

Super Fan Sean says:

They hit dark hole to one because of the same old reason. They’re promoting what they’re trying to sell, and get more of our money. Dark Hole clears boards, makes linking hard. It’s not to help the game, it’s to help them. Same reason diagram, barrage, and master peace did not get hit, they’re making money on them from people who are idiots

work talk says:

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El Shaddoll Construct says:

Two “El Shaddoll Fusion” and they banned my girl? Wow, Konami really doesn’t like me.

Shemegory says:

Description annoyed me “Dinosaurs finally dead” Oh no 4 whole months of a deck..

Aldo Dervishi says:

hopee duling nexues gets this list soon

Zoodiac Drident says:

Well, vacation will be okay, I guess. Still think little Bunnyblast needed the anger management (a hit to Barrage), but whatever. Still think I should be Limited. Being off the battlefield means I get to wear those military dress uniforms and not fight anymore. I’ve got some gardening to catch up on and some musical instruments to learn.

The rest of the Zoodiac can handle it, they’re strong and devoted.

Lance Garza says:

What is the next deck you will build?

Aldo Dervishi says:

i like this ban list

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