GODLY Classic YuGiOh Forbidden Legacy Blister Pack Opening! My First YuGiOh PAINTING #MoreMegaMail

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Ali Salverson says:

My letter; 8:13 – 9:22

Jesse Franco says:

13:00 best moment of the video LOL

drago biorac says:

open 5ds packs please

Fucc Boi says:

that league of legends shirt

Claudio Varone says:

A good intro, finally! <3

Davča Sklenář says:

I am anime fan so I played only Duel links and I want to play with my friends. Can you tell me which is better for me Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yugi & Kaiba Collector’s Box or Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Dragon Decks? In my country aren’t other big boxes only few little structure decks

Thomas Richardson says:

Ear rape

Jose Martinez says:

That ORDER TO SMASH moment lol…

Matthew Eso says:

I love how he changes the intro cinematic all the time

The Blue Fusion says:

I am trying to collect all the older booster packs etc. LOB, IOC, DC, SR…MR I Mean. Lolz. But not easy to Pull my Favorite Red Eyes B Dragon LOB – 070


Nice Mat

marek pasek says:

I love the song in the back
Yugioh forbidden memories 😀

Jett707 says:

This Memeyness is Over 9000. HELP

Stavros Nik4 says:

Amazing oldschool cards! Cool video!
btw when will you start MTG openings and in which channel SU or Rarer Hunters?

karen people says:

Could You Do Give Away

Vsauce Michael says:

The backing music brings back memories… forbidden memories.

Clayton Spears says:

Aw I was hoping for a kuriboh lol… I actually love the kuriboh archetype

Inbum Paramo says:

Send ultra pro sleeves.

Joe Lea says:

That intro man was sickkkkk

ReapersShadow storms says:

Hey Roman what is your discord and can I get an invite? I’m Loven everything you do please keep making videos.

Steven Smith says:

Can we get a cross over 2v2 duel between the simply elite and team APS

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