How Good Were Yu-Gi-Oh! Tins in 2010?

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Janco Botha says:

Is this a tin opening channel?

LJ Cruzer says:

Dzeef is a closet Australian confirmed

Mew2King's Marth says:

Damn this isn’t even the shooting star dragon tin? Why on earth am I watching this pack opening channel?

Mike Clark says:

This isn’t even the Shooting Star Dragon tin…

Why am I even watching this!?!

dzeeff says:

I’m always amazed when I make a small aside comment halfway into a video and you guys actually make a meme out of it. I have the best subscribers 🙂

Kyle Patch says:

Ill never forget buying 4 Red Nova Dragon tins when they came out because of the value inside them

Daniel says:

It’s so weird to hear you call this tin old school cause I have a pretty vivid memory of having my dad buy this for me at target when I was a kid

vegeta7771 says:

Wow this isn’t the shooting star dragon tin why am I even watching this

hrocxvid says:

Literally not a shoot star dragon tin opening channel

Pxl Ninja says:


Skrimd says:

2000 tin

007kingifrit says:

man i hate gauranteed holos in every pack, no really it ruins the surprise and excitement of getting one

Daz N/A says:

Guys, he returned to his main content! REJOICE!

Constellar Diamond says:

Back in 2014 when I was into Hannibal, Majestic Red Dragon was my ‘favorite’ monster like Stellarknight Constellar Diamond is now.

Atsuko Kagari says:

I remember when Tins had those 10 cent sleeves.

pino arias says:

A tin for 25$?
Holy fucking shit that’s cheap!

Etienne Bonin says:

Dzeef will now pull a ton of holos from these tins because he said it’s unusual

Cherry Inmato says:

These packs look like they are from duel links lmao

Tarv Is says:

When we getting that Legacy Collection 2; Sacred Beasts opening? Lol

Calamity greed says:

You should do a inferenity deck profile

Forks says:

The GX legendary collection was definitely not out back then. Not even close. Like, at least 2 years off, if not more. And that’s just knowing from the top of my head.

Gallentecitizen1 says:

to tins from to tousand tin

Happymonday 2015 says:

Wow, this isn’t even the shooting star dragon tin? Why am I even watching this?

Joshua Harrison says:

Throwback to the year 2000 and tin!

Griffin Blanton says:

y’all sleeping on shooting star dragon

Sam says:

Wow, this isn’t even the shooting star dragon tin? Why am I even watching this?

wally4 golly says:

Title should have been “Godly 2010 Tin”

F2H says:

not a pack opening channel, it’s now a tin opening channel

YungEdubSavage189 Kichii says:

Wanted to watch blue eyes brick dragon video? Why did you delete it

Josh says:

4 foils out of 5 backs?? SimplyUnlucky would call that A GODLY opening

volt gaming says:

this actually was a great video in terms of pulls

Bradley Dalton says:

Hey at least Majestic Red is playable in Guardragon

wally4 golly says:

If i pm you will you explain the infernity combos?

megamonkey666 says:

the time frame this came out in is when i started playing. we had frog ftk then and danger ftk now. somethings never change

Pascal Simioli says:

Cmon Dzeeff you had the perfect opportunity to put the N0ice meme into this vid…

Alice VR says:

Stop clickbaiting us into thinking you’re gonna open the Shooting Star Dragon tin by using images of products that are not the Shooting Star Dragon tin and vague titles that don’t reference the Shooting Star Dragon tin, we’re onto you Zeeff.

AchEdeJungeNeDu says:

Should of named the channel “Simplydzeeff”

yugioh lovers says:

Nice pulls

Pranav Sriram says:

Man, those tins may not have been the best but the promos were especially frustrating in casual play. 8 Year old me found it was hard to deal with a red nova dragon. Even more so majestic star dragon. Drill warrior was also annoying. Now that I think about it I was a pretty terrible duelist.

MatafiedGaming says:

Damn I remember Hidden Arsenal packs. I feel so old.

SiphonicAtom says:

Tin week!!!

JadeHex says:

You fucking kidding me? You shoulda bought the Draco-Equiste tin. LIFE RUINED!

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