How Konami Can Fix The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

Yu-Gi-Oh! Sucks , But Konami Can Fix It !!! : a 3rd follow up to my rant on the yugioh TCG .

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Jason Creach says:

After I get Xtra Hero Wonder Driver and these new mega tins for Skull dread and Borreload I’m done buying new Yugioh and just playing casual like you man. And finishing my Hero Collection

theonem323 says:

What’s cracking YouTube!!

I just want Konami to give us an official online TCG game.
I wouldn’t mind paying it monthly or yearly

Brick McBadDeck says:

On the topic of streaming, u guys at NA are known for double normal summoning on camera so….

Jason Creach says:

Arc V and Vrains is actually pretty damn good had me on the edge of my seat in the the first season of Vrains and the ending of Arc V was pretty good

Mikhail Mahat Pineda says:


Ben Byrne says:

Chris, I don’t think that’s going to happen because of Kazuki Takahashi being the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh. It’s more like he needs to take a few years off and let somebody else take over until he regains his senses again.

Don’t take this the wrong way bro, but I think you might’ve forgotten that since Kazuki Takahashi is the creator of this card game there’s nobody else besides him who can fire people. He’s the one who has the say so in who stays or who goes or who gets hired.

Varaydein says:

I do wish people give VRains anime a chance because it does try.

Kevin the2nd says:

The YCS Prize cards suck. They all have the same effect as Victory Dragon with a printed text that says,” This card cannot be used in a duel”. How am I supposed to play that?

ddrguy300 says:

My honest opinion, which I feel is more fact than opinion, we’ve reached the point of no return on Yugioh being fixed or saved in anyway for a variety of reasons that all greed based companies eventually suffer from. Your idea about Yugioh being bought in intriguing, however, it’s such a cash cow for them (and that they can package it as doing better than it really is, like most do) that the buy in for the company would be so high that the purchaser would have such a large amount of risk that they wouldn’t be able to afford to roll back the siphoning of value away from the players. The formula is already set in not only for the subscription/micro transaction model of business, but I’m sure for even more blood sucking practices in the near and foreseeable future.

About the only thing that can be done is prize support restructuring, but real talk, I don’t even think that would do it. Even if it surpassed MTG or Pokemon prizing.

lil t TCG says:

Camera was 10x clearer in your room bro, nice video

alan grealish says:

not even gonna bother watching the video. It doesn’t suck….

christopher poe says:

If you are in central Arkansas. I can show you where the good beer is.

Varaydein says:

As far as the anime goes I think Yugioh doesn’t try be anything other than Yugioh which is what is hurting it at times. VRains & Arc V have great concepts and ideas but they need to go the extra mile to make sure that the anime reaches it’s full potential in terms of story telling and even duels. The last episode of VRains was a non duel episode and it wss better than some of the dueling episodes from the series which aren’t bad but still lol. Another thing I believe is that were just older DM came on when I was 11, Vrains at 27. We’ve seen a lot It’s harder to impress us lol.

Renee Gomez says:

Meh. Im enjoying the game. I also only play casually

Peter Yanes says:

win the lottey n buy it i wish i could i will buy it if i win the lotttey i will

Montez Howlett says:

I disagree the anime not trash imo

But agree on everything else

Torva says:

3 years ago Konami removed themselves from the New York Stock exchange. I think it’s been downhill since then.

Romeo Barnes says:

Konami’s marketing is trash. I agree.

Eduardo Huerta says:

Beastttt!!! Keep It up.

Narf D. says:

Yu-Gi-Oh first of all needs a restructuring to become a rotating game. Yes, the argument that YGO has the appeal of “you can play your deck forever” is just invalid. We already have a deck rotation, its called the Banned List and no, we cannot play our old beloved decks from 10 years ago, because they are either banned/restricted to death or just so far powercrept that its no fun anymore because you can’t win a single duel. Bringing rotation into the game could fix all of that, so that we could have official Cross-format-tournaments and all that and the game could easily slow down by a lot without need to ban 100 cards.

Fernando Bahena says:

You definitely deserve it Chris.

alexanderespinoza says:

Holy fuck your intro sounded like you were gasping for air.

Psilord87 says:

Feel both a Reboot and Set Rotation within the game would help a lot. Perhaps take some leads from Wizards Of the Coast and Pokemon Company. Personally I think Konami needs to sell the licensing to another company, Perhaps Wizards of the Coast. Fantasy Flight is great for Living Card Games but not TCGS and it would run YGO to the ground. But back to subject if YGO gets a Reboot the game needs Set Rotation and different formats to help prevent power creep and keep the game healthy.

groupRider says:

That stuffed leopard is epic. I couldn’t look at anything else.

LSR Gaming says:

Get RID of ALL of these annoying cards and archetypes. Pendulum and Link mechanics in favor of keeping the speed, fairness, and FUN factor in good portion.

T-GundamSamurai says:

Thing is….. you look at the fighting game scene, CASH PRIZING IS EASY!! even if you pay 5.00 extra ( 25.00 entry fee ) I’d pay that.

Say thier is 1000 players take 5.00 from each of those entry’s 1000×5=5000 split that between 1st 2nd 3rd then smaller amounts for the rest of the top 10 or top 16.

Or if you wanted to make the entry fee 30 prizing could be better.

TheCreativeDuelist says:

They screwed hideo over and made a shitty mgs zombie mmo which is HOT GARBAGE, nigga you have to purchase a save file…?!

Yeah chirs, if they can get rid of hideo, then takahashi should step down or get fired

Its 2018 and we are getting this mistreatment

No live streaming!?

Lack luster prizes not even worth spending money to travel and compete

Garbage card support

They need to sort this out man

aaron barkwell says:

Finally someone’s talking about how Konami screws over its employees and how they could care less about people lol

TheMegaultrachicken says:

Ok like, the old Yugioh animes are actually still just as good or better than the new ones. Anything is better than the arc v ending imo.

Nitin Ramcharan says:

Arc-V (anime, TCG-territories and -era) shows that Yu-Gi-Oh! is not beloved by mainstream and fandom audiences. (VRAINS is imo a very good anime series, stop that nostalgic crap konami with Yugi and Kaiba, I like Yuma, Gogenzaka and Yusaku)My take on competitive side: cash prizing only for top 8 for regionals [for YCS top 16].I play just for fun, when and wherever: Home, local store, YGOpro as well as friends.If there are OCG-only Superheavy Samurais in the next battle of legend set. I’ll buy the singles.Keep it up Chris.

Nitin Ramcharan says:

I’ll play casually and I don’t like Duel Links

joshua cook says:

They need to make a game like tagforce on psp and put it on Nintendo switch, duel anyone anywhere local or online, these games are helpful in learning combos, also teaches players how to use specific archetypes

InnovationYGO says:

Ok ok i know i forgot to mention the actual issues with game mechanics , power creep and no set banlist dates but with that being said most of that is self explanatory and to fix all of that i simply suggest a reboot , smash that like button if you agree.

Peter Yanes says:

the game will die if they dont chage their ways fast in 5 or less years

YTBakura says:

Duel links might be trash but one of the main Duel link yugitubers (Duel Links Meta) has a discord where he has 24 hour any time tournaments where it’s 2 bucks to enter 8 man and first place gets 16 bucks , also weekly tournaments and monthly where the first place in one of those got 1800 bucks for not even leaving his house! Also OCG and TCG players alike have the same cardpool not split formats or banlist. I see the good and bad for the game.

jaegamer says:

Konami has been messing up for quite some time. People feel like I and other people (yugitubers) whine too much about Konami as a whole but I look at the company I grew up loving as a whole and they are a damn shadow of their former selves with no signs of improvement. The YuGiOh franchise has grown stale, their video games suck and Good Lord did you see their last live Konami convention? That s**t was more sad than the last E3 confrence and that hurts me to watch since I loved Konami.

NeitMemes says:

I suggest to eliminate the TRICKSTAR DECK

Avervice Senpai says:

Your Videos are more or less, improvement and critquing orientated with a little bit of a rant thrown in.
In my honest opinion Konami as a company needs too do a complete overhaul. Both in business practice and customer service wise. The Konami company just needs too hand over the reigns over to a bigger company that knows how too run a gaming corporation

T-GundamSamurai says:

Got to the part where you mentioned Duel Links

Fake yugitubers as I call them are complaining how the game is becoming unfair and archetype based.

I commented and said ” welcome to real Yugioh scrub “.

Christopher Lefrere says:

You keep it real. Keep the videos coming. Plus they release when I’m at work so you keep me woke. Lol

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