How to Actually Review Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

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Seba says:

But magic cylinder is like pot of greed

jason stricklin says:

This is not a ___________channel.

Scalchop Warrior says:

Criteria 5 – how mch atk dos it hav?

Batteryman C says:


1. Does it generate card advantage?

2. Can you use that card advantage to make something that fucks over your opponent?

3. ???

4. Profit.

Richard Welch says:

I usually look to see if a card will make a deck more viable in pure format to decide if its good or not

Kevvo Lightswift says:

I have not played the Yu-gi-oh TCG since 2007. I only casually play Duel Links, which I know is a different animal than the physical TCG. If I wanted to get back into the Yu-gi-oh physical TCG, where do you suggest I start? Most of my cards are terribly outdated.

researchinbreeder says:

Was playing Yugioh with an old friend from school on PERCY. I’m naturally a decently competitive person, but I knew he was much more casual, so I decided not to bring anything too crazy…

He thought my Ojama-fueled Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon deck was broken because I got the big boi out against his Kuriboh deck.

He then played a 2016-ish Blue-Eyes deck, except with cards like Magic Cylinder and Maiden with Eyes of Blue. It died to my main fun deck Darklords.

Finally, I got a bit tired of him complaining about my “cheap cards”, so I gave him fair warning that I was about to play a strategy that was _actually_ good, and built very unoptimized Trickstars. His Graydles had no chance, even when I didn’t draw terraforming, Candina, or Lightstage.

Know Everything says:

This is my deck
2x gem-knight garnet
2x Tragoedia
3x Light and Darkness Dragon
3x gorz the emissary of darkness
1x Arkbave dragon
2x lightpulsar Dragon
2x Darkflare Dragon
1x Dragon ice
3x Mathmatician
1x Treeborn frog
3x battle fader
3x Ghast orge & snow rabbit
3x effect veiler
3x Levionia the primordial chaos dragon

2x tribute burial
3x galexy cyclone
1x follish burial
3x photon sanctuary
3x brilliant fusion
1x exessive burial

Extra Deck
2x Gem-Knight Seraphinite
2x Thousand-eye Testrict
1x Chaos Goddess
1x Ghostrick dullahan
1x Knightmare gryphon
1x Knightmare unicorn
1x Knightmare phoenix
1x Knightmare cerberus
1x relinquished anima
1x Darkness metal, the Dark steel Dragon
1x Summon sorceress

How can I improve this deck. 🙂

Flamboyant says:

very great video, thanks so much. people act as if reviewing cards is a obvious thing

alfa alfa says:

how I review cards~~
it looks cute …. okay its in

Thomas Jackson says:

How does Pot of Greed stack up?

Industrial fear says:

i love the comments on this video, on a side note quick question for the side deck could you not play a card that only meets 1-2 criteria but they specifically counters your decks hardest match-ups? i find side decks are one of the hardest parts in deciding because its only 15 cards, for example cherries is amazing but u must have the extra deck spot or 2 spots in the side deck (cherries + target). anyways if you could possibly talk more about your choices when you side cards? and what cards you find most OP/ effective in games 2-3

robiu013 says:

enlighten me, oh all-knowing

Logan Delaharpe says:

Chaos max is easy as hell to summon

Arjan Zweers says:

Since I’m not a competitive player I usually don’t look at point 4 all that much.

Benjy Strauss says:

Trouble is that you can’t play Magic Deflector in some decks because it negates your own continuous spells.

Chaos MAX Dragon is interesting for you to mention, because it meets 1 and 3, but it can meet 2 and 4, depending on the circumstances: specifically against decks that don’t have Kaijus or other non-targeting, non-destruction.

Jose John says:

Can you tell me what you think about my build? I tried putting darkest diabolos and ahrima the wicked warden in blue eyes and I think it’s really good. Diabolos is a target for trade in, melody, return, shrine, rank 8 plays and is special summonable from the grave. I was able to go through like 10 cards (sent to the graveyard that is.) in my deck with my opening hand and still have 5 cards in hand and 2 diabolos on the field, as well as 1 blue eyes in grave and 2 in hand.

Am.I.Thirsty Tho says:

Dzeeff: “Only one criteria…..not a god card. Goodnight”

Normies ReEeEe says:

its like looking at W Nebula Meteorite is an absurdly good trap card that helps with worms a lot and is a guaranteed 3 off but then you realize you’re playing worms in 2018 with sky strikers and more flip based archetypal decks that are way better

Greg Vee says:

Next video: What this channel actually is.

Olga Gurlukovich says:

Turn that 6 upside down and you’ll get a……oops wrong channel

just me at home says:

Thanks for explaining this – tbh I hope you can explain something else too. I’ve been looking at the Duel Link (yeah yeah I know) meta decks to improve my play but for the life of me I can’t understand how some of these meta decks are even good decks, when I look at them I just get so confused because to me they look like they shouldn’t hardly be playable but yet they’re topping the meta list… Obviously I’m not understanding them but I can’t figure out what I’m missing.
For example: the Vampire meta decks in Duel Links, specifically this one:
For the life of me I can’t understand how this is a good deck, yet it’s a deck that is constantly repeated by multiple players and is constantly in the meta lists. Please help.

I Am Furious says:

No hate, why so rude? People that have opinions in 2018 is like death sentence right away

Sparkly Prince says:

Oh, so Criteria 2 kills Magic Cylinder because it’s basically just a harder to activate (pre-errata) Ring of Destruction?

Les trois autistes says:

Step 1 is what people wont do during the duel

Jarxo says:

Did you know Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames counters all Fire Attribute monsters?

TheRedScizor says:

Next video: How do you actually read?

Robledo Sarhento says:

>You can play Magic Cylinder in any Deck

Even Revolver is playing this meme card in his Deck!

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