How to Identify a Fake Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

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Khodakadahmi says:

Don’t comment too often but I am adding in that there is no sound of other things. I really turned up my volume to try and hear anything…
New video idea, just put things around your house that make noise and try to see if your audience picks up anything. While you talk about … i dunno you’re liking or disliking of the yugioh series

Cdr. Amora Shepard says:

Pretty much all of these descriptions are the giveaway for me. Literally every card you had shown has both the incorrect font and incorrect spacing for the text. The giveaway you pinned on the Monster Level was actually the spacing for the Typing. The stars line up perfectly, as does the title text, but the ‘Divine’ typing is offset and cramping the title text on the fake.

Eli says:

I have well over 2000 fake cards, damn i was dumb as a child

Pcwiz says:

I have a fake Obelisk with an artwork that doesn’t exist on Konami’s archive plus a couple of others. I could send them to you if you like.

xVirtualNinjax says:

When are we getting “How to Identify a Kid Who Won’t Play the Drums After High School Ever Again”

Hyoroemon Meto says:

Rank10 in his Blue Eyes vid, pointing that BEUD is imported in 2008. I then realized the one I played with in 2006 is fake.

Mike Cserbak says:

love the alpha investments shoutout! rudy is great

Fantyoon says:

Rudy making rounds 😀

Yaoyao9 says:

@dzeeff Correct me if I’m wrong, but that Obelisk does look like a legit version of the promo Obelisk that came with the GBA games, which had that same really awkward looking text spacing and both Japanese and English on the card to signify that it’s just for promo and can’t be used, as well as what appears to be a darker shade in comparison to the rest of the Obelisk scans.

Adam Everhardt says:

The stars on real yugioh cards look like they thought of the celestial body instead of the shape.

Nathan Jacobson says:

20 years and some people still can’t get the text font right when making counterfeits…

some native says:

Fake cards are awesome if you wanna have a good laugh at broken English

Furnace YGO says:

also notice the yugi holo in the corner is silver but they say first edition

Sam says:

Alpha Investments is awesome, Rudy is hilarious.

xthexpunisherx says:

Big ups to Rudy with Alpha beta Omega Garbage Fire Investments and his 1.00000069% female viewership

Tamaki Kakashi Asakura Suou says:

Just starting to watch the video, but i already would love to send you all my fake cards… It’s amazing how many of them are and how many you buy as a child that really wants to play his game.

For Valgoria says:

Call of the Haunted looks really good, the only reason I can tell its fake is that I can actually read the text lol

Kaeden K says:

I had to turn my speakers to max just to hear nothing

Atsuko Kagari says:

Another hint, that ‘Hamend’ has a silver sticker, even though it’s ‘1st Edition’.

Jorge Rafael Sánchez guzmán says:

4:45 As far a I know (graphic designer), the typeface used in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is either “Matrix” or some modification if it, to give it some uniqueness (which might be), the type being in “Book” font with “smallcaps” for the card name and regular Upper and Lower case for the effect text and italics for the normal monsters flavor. Those bootleggers are really cheap if they don’t want to spend the $40 or so to purchase the whole type family and just make them look genuine or they are just too dumb.

Lugiamasterbrony says:

I actually heard the drumline

monkeylemur says:

Definitely hearing a lot of noise. Some guy keeps talking over some pack openings

csgonoobsicle says:

Are you able to review good fake cards (if you have any) ?

Ascended Corgi says:

At this point fake yugioh cards are just bought for the lols. At my area its very common for us to see fake cards

haze no ki says:

i play hameng hes best card in my deck i play egiptin god card deck an win every turniment i even beat my brothers chios max dragon

Golden Dragon Rider says:

Something to look for is that if the card says 1st edition, it won’t have a silver square in the right corner (see that fake Call of the Haunted).

Darth Calanil says:

*complains about noisy neighbors*
*audience doesn’t hear anything unusual*

Zalm says:

magac lol

Jason Oon says:

bought a lot ygo cards when i was a kid at stationary shop and night market, now looking back i realise i have a huge box of fake cards, lol

giraton1 says:

I was the fakes expert at school when I was young, partially because I got so many. I would be able to tell any card if it was fake or not, and of cause there was arguments and stuff but looking back I was nearly always right, nearly. Some cards that had weird official releases would confuse me though like the god cards themselves. These skills stuck with me through to today as I’m able to tell fakes for MTG fairly well (gosh are MTG fakes hard to catch), but we really didn’t care too much at school anyway, fakes were expected, reals were the exception and just valued higher. Nobody played tournaments so it never mattered.

Jesus Hentai Christ says:

omg i actually want that hamon. it looks awesome something like a combination of gold + ghost + ultimate rare

Jesse says:

Excuse me, I’ve got an unrelated question, I’m a casual and once I was playing yugioh pro when a guy activated a spell card that made us “open” booster packs and choose cards, basically start a new duel with random cards, it was really funny, could you tell me the name of the card pls ? I can’t quite remember but I would really appreciate it ♥ .

LowReedExpert1 says:

Bullshit. Drummers don’t practice

Jedi S.H says:

hameng looks badass

machina188 says:

When random assholes with printers make better Gold Rares than Konami does.
Edit: Lmao Yugioh cards nowadays are sturdy? What?

Yin-Yang Yugioh says:

Dzeef, all these cards are very easy fakes to spot. Watch some old school expert or my video on fakes and see what a good fake looks like. The good fakes are copying old sets like lob.

suddens says:

Rudy makes great videos

Hayden Timmins says:

Dzeef complaining about the noise is only to distract us from the fact that he’s not a pack opening channel

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