How To Play Yu-Gi-Oh! in 2019!

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Returning to Yu-Gi-Oh! can be hard for any player, regardless of the length of time they were away from the game. Today I thought I’d compile and cover the biggest changes to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, to help you get up to speed and start playing Yu-Gi-Oh! in 2019!

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will romero says:

Say you had a link monster pointing to two sinchro monsters or 1 sinchro and the 1 xyz or etc would they be destroyed along with the link monster?

Octopus 8 says:

I’m from the era when it wasn’t called extra deck! Just out of curiosity I watched this (I knew a bit about Synchros tho). I’m completely shocked by the concept of Pendulum. No wonder every one is unhappy about the state of the game. It’s like they nuked the game. Jesus

Markus Rochin says:

Wait for your opponent to ftk you.

caca yang says:

How to play yugioh in 2019: play chainburn

Kris Houghton says:

Yah I felt kinda freaked out about link summoning and the whole new mechanics of the game. Almost made me want to quit. I guess I need more practice. Any online games that are good for learning. That are easy to download?

Shinkz says:

The last time I played Yu-Gi-Oh! was when things like Chaos Soldier/Chaos Emp Dragon/Chaos Sorc were the main decks. I remember things like like Cyber Stein, Magical Scientist and Bazoo too.

Synchro, XYZ, Pendulum, Links… this shit is bonkers.

ZedoBlack says:

Normal summon?
Opponent: Good
Special summon?
Opponent: Good
Special summon
Special summon
Special summon
Special summon
Special summon
Special summon
Special summon
Special summon
Special summon
Special summon
Special summon

SirBallistic says:

This has to be satire

Juanma BC says:

A lot of hate on the game lately.. and for good reasons. I think that Goat Format is a good alternative for players that want to have fun. Even for stores to make unnoficial tournaments. Maybe it even becomes supported by konami in the future… who knows, the game is pretty degenerated today

LiveKeepgamer says:

It’s more complicated than i thought it would

Andrew Geubtner says:

Step 1 have a shit ton of money

Eboy Yobe says:

Links are the shittiest

Milan says:

I stopped playing yugioh and 2004 and have been wanting to get back into it. But after seeing just how broken this card game became i think Konami should just make a new card game

Ramaj Mamach says:

Thank the high heavens for this video! Ever since Link summons became a thing and the board layout changed, Yu-Gi-Oh turned my mind into goo. Now I can play again….. Lol.

David Owen says:

Thank you, after a 5 year retirement I’m getting back in, might enter tournaments again. Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to update my Lightsworn deck with some Link monsters, but it’ll probably still give me the win streak it did before considering that it’s still a top contender.

poeticjustice1992 says:

Call me old school but I miss the days when Fusion and Ritual monsters were some of the most powerful cards and if you owned an Egyptian God card you were pretty much a bad ass and everybody wanted to trade for them. All these changes like Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum, and Link monsters just makes it seem like Konami is trying too hard. I understand these new card concepts except Pendulum and Links (I’m still kind of confused about those). I wasn’t even aware of some of those rule changes like you don’t draw on your first turn anymore or that both players can have field spells out now. I don’t know. I thought the game was fine before all these changes happened. Now it just seems like the game is getting too complicated but I still love Yugioh. Loved it since the early 2000s when I got my first 12 cards from a friend. Now I have thousands. Lol! Man times have changed. I feel old.

SirBallistic says:

I think you mean how to take an L on your opponents first turn?

Chris Granström says:

I just subscribed. I enjoy watching your video and I do wish you the best of luck with your channel it’s amazing 🙂

Tim Tucker says:

How do you block someone on YouTube? Sick of this clown popping up on my feed

Daem Choudhury says:

I haven’t played in the game in ages and I already hate the extra monster card zone, I used to play with so many fusion monsters on the field

Travis Spicer says:

hand traps + FTK core + win die rolll

no thinking required

Edward 2160 says:

Anyone who loves oldschool yugioh here ?

Caleb Gannon says:

Say I have an xyz monster in a linked zone. Say the link monster is removed. Can I use a Rank up Magic spell on the xyz monster?

floyd mckenzie says:

Link monsters f#/@ed up yugioh

your anime boi says:

How to play yugioh in 2019
1. buy the 5 exodia card
2. go to a duel
3. kick their ass with the exodia

CrimsonKore _ says:

can any1 help me. say if u go to a local tournament. are you allowed to do the old format. without the links. because i dont have any link monsters, and cant buy them

ynnaD2413 says:

Something you may have forgotten to mention is that “priority” no longer exist in yugioh. Minor but something that is worth mentioning.


This video is sooooooooo good. Just what I needed. Thank you very much!!!!!

Brian Torres says:

Probably should have defined “errata”

Pedro Betancourt says:

Pendulum Mechanic

AKA the mechanic that ruined yugioh

Rishav Nath says:

Thank you helping me cimooooo , I am totally new into yu gi oh (noob) …..

Lord of Blue-Eyes says:

I am curious about two things:
1. If a Pendulum Monster is used for an Xyz Summon that Pendulum Monster goes to the graveyard instead of to the Extra Deck so if you use a card to summon that Pendulum Monster from the graveyard with something like Monster Reborn or Pendulum Reborn, would it go to the main monster zone or the extra monster zone?
2. If you summon a Pendulum Monster from your Pendulum Zone with cards like Pendulum Switch, would it go in an extra monster zone or no?

Wolf Man says:

Extra Decks – All Hand Traps – New Rules in Tournaments (Locals – YCS) since the old days.

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