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Raymond F says:

Cn you do a True dino deck profile that is kinda on a budget

Proxlegend x says:

can this beat PEPE at its PRIME ?

Shredder Knows says:

Bring back Master Piece, the True Dracoslayling King to 1. Please Konami

Gothic WolfLight says:

Yo, can anyone tell me what camera he is using?

Randy Kinzey says:

Proud of you bro

Tyere Holmes says:

I got really sad when I heard he was paying danger… because I think the archetype is really cool…

Michael Anzulavich says:

Bet komoney bans Graf not firewall or cannon solider

Das Spargel says:

go for the top tier decks dude, there’s no shame in it

Sebastian Blair says:

You should show a combo video with Summon Sorceress 🙂

The British Yu-Gi-Oher says:

Why not dark grepher?

failwhale34 says:

imy 🙁

Virtual Doombot says:

One day I plan to top an event

Tanner Neath says:

Honestly as I watch Vrains, it seems more to me like Decode Talker is the main monster. Just my personal opinion. When a card is so broken that it facilitates problems for the entire format, I don’t think it matters whether it it the Ace monster or not. Firewall needs to be gone

Raul Toro says:

I liked how you used the test hand to show the combo rather than going straight into it. Congrats on the top!

D3 kenjie says:

Hey samurai I was at ycs dude

theonem323 says:

Hell yeah FTK are always the best

Eddie Gonzalez says:

Dark law for game!

Fly says:

lol watch them e-ban stuff that shouldn’t be hit

Jax OP says:

i think this is one of the most broken decks in all yugioh history, is just too easy to ftk, and still if you dont ftk you get a good field, is impossible to brick hand, basically 90% or 99% times you have ftk in the first hand if you know how to play this deck, and still you have an amazing draw pottential, this deck is just amazing, firewall needs to be banned

Official A4J says:

A lot of respect for that intro man.. appreciate your honesty! All the best

___Drgns N Bacon 4tw ___ says:

why isnt shadow priestess an option?

Sharif Abdelal says:

I say ban all cannon soldier variants. Frankly, they should just make a no burn damage before turn 3 rule change.

andred kofkd says:

Congratz bro can i ask something for you which is the Best anti meta deck right now?

xArtsyy says:

I’m not upset at people for topping a YCS with an FTK deck, I’m happy that it’s getting exposed. I don’t wanna have an e-ban list like we did during Zoodiac format & we’d have to wait 6 months like we did for an actual banlist though, if it takes till mid December to get a banlist, I’d rather have it address ALL the top decks rather than do 1 then have to wait another 3-4 months to get an actual banlist.

Miguel Padilla says:

First true Draco with master peace now dark world Ftk will you top with something skillful

Alexander The great says:

You did great bro nice job

Djesert Gaming says:

Did you ever drink the monster I gave you bro 😀

preston topping says:

All the dislikes are from Konami. Lol.

Jared Bolton says:

Ban firewall

leon perez says:

You used DANGER?!!! No way man, unsubscribed. Nah jk jk, you are so honest, also congrats for your top 32.

Lo spessore del Kuriboh Alato says:

This sh*t shouldn’t exist. We had so many formats with ftks and Konami still hasn’t fixed this at all

Fly says:

i respect the hustle.

danis hasanagic says:

Im glad u summoned all of those 4 tokens xD

Timothy Kindrick says:

I respect you for playing this deck

Victor Silva says:


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