I Found a 10 Year Old Box of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

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burning newt says:

Not a box opening channel

George Yankovic says:

I always go through my old cards because they are part of my ever expanding collection, but the cards we played with about 15 / 16 years ago were not original. In that period in our country only OG Yugioh anime was airing on TV and thats why we got cards only from that era, also that was the period of great inflation which is why we’ve got only bootleg cards for a short period… but I still keep them in my collection because that old artwork and those worn corners remind me of the time in elementary school.

S Blower says:

some of those cards are LITERALY broken

Yoshi Dragon says:

When dzeef rebels against all the people who call this a box opening channel

NathanielTheLibtard&ShitTierWeeb says:


AznYunHou says:

I used to sign my cards

Justin Havok says:

Normal monsters have some of the best artworks in the game. That’s why they’re some of my favorites in the game

Crimsonite says:

Back in the day of elementary and middle school, I loved Yu-Gi-Oh, but no one else did. I could never find someone to play with so I just dueled myself. Plus my little sister loved ripping them in half if she got her hands on them while I was at a friend’s house. So I never actually got to experience Yu-Gi-Oh fully till I got my first ever tin in my 2nd year of high school. I’ve been hooked since and finally got to build my favorite deck, Ojama-XYZs. This video was relaxing, no drama, nothing spontaneous, just looking through some good old cards, rip the cards that got destroyed. I liked it.

Landibert says:

Hey Dzeef, I’d like to see you make a video about the number of cards in the Extra Deck and if it would be good to increase it or maybe change the Extra Deck rules in itself. Something like up to 5 cards of ED-type (fusion/link/etc.). Not really this example specifically, just as a general idea. I don’t think you’ve talked about that yet and I am thinking about this stuff right now, inspired by a reddit post.

Greetings from Germany

He who has the first laugh says:

I found an old tin to a warrior structure deck and I found my fav card, Chaos Emperor Dragon! (Its somewhat bent tho ;~;)

AnimeGURU475 says:

omg dzeeff watches Alpha Investments!!! I love Rudy he’s awesome.

ProX Riptide says:

Shield & Sword to op

Bhawandeep Dhanoa says:

16:43 That hydrogeddon looks pretty cool

allan yohanes says:

so much memories

Awedacious says:

Im new to your channel and have seen some videos but i have a question are you against casual players

ttnn123456789 says:

I live in Mexico and I remember buying lots of real and fake Yugioh cards in street markets, but nobody cared because everyone was in the same situation. It’s a shame I don’t have those cards anymore, I remember I had a “complete Exodia” card with infinite attack and defense and I never used that card because I thought that one “was totally fake” XD

giraton1 says:

Everytime I see an old Waboku and Sword Hunter from anyone it’s exactly the same condition no matter who owns them, including myself.

ytmndman says:

This title could easily be a creepypasta

Runningon Cylinders says:

We Three Penguins is way too overpowered.
I’m surprised Penguins as an Archetype never reached the same level as Frogs, but whaddaya gonna do.

Kevin the2nd says:

You must be the same age as my little brother.

SquishSquish ImAFish says:

I actually went through an old box of cards a very long time ago and ended up finding my old 1st Edition SDK Blue-Eyes right here: https://i.imgur.com/4bqZHED.jpg It’s in absolutely unplayable condition, even if I put it in a sleeve it sticks out of my deck like a sore thumb, but I couldn’t give it up for the world because it reminds me of my childhood, and it was what I got with the very first set of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards I ever bought. It sorta reminds me of the Blue-Eyes Yugi’s Grandpa has where it really meant something to him.

SquishSquish ImAFish says:

Next video: Why Everyone Plays We Three Penguins

Benny Groysman says:


XA44 says:

Well a friend of mine gave me some of his old cards from when he played and here is some of the cool stuff
1 for 1
chaos emperor dragon
Scape goat
Reinforcements of the army

Kain Sanchez says:

I used to have an Ocean Dragon Lord from the first water structure deck that had 29,000 attack. The zero scribbled on with extra fine sharpie didn’t fool any of my third grade classmates lmao

Anthony Duron says:

All the cards i had whend i was in 4th grade where all fake… Hehehe. In till I came back to the country

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