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ItsRealShadyG says:

ALWAYS smelled my cards

dank memes says:

The dollar store packs

oussama milanista says:

Share the pain is legal at 3 if you wanna play it

Discord Personist says:

hold up, Share the Pain isn’t banned, so LAIR RULES!!!!!

Michael Nguyen says:

So, how cheap did they become on Black Friday? Usually a Legendary Collection is $29.98

Zachariah Louis says:

I’d love that “Samurai Destroyer” for my SuperHeavySam deck, Sam 0: (:

Caleb Evans says:

Samurai destroyer destroying team samurai

MrOmilei says:


Heroduothecomedian says:

I didn’t see no black friday sales at my walmarts on cards

Ken Adams says:

I had so much fun watching this!!!

It’s like you took me from the present and flew me back to my childhood.

I remember spending all my allowance as a lid buying the OG packs. Jesus, I remember when Invasion of Chaos first came out, just like it was yesterday. I was hoping you would pull Chaos Emporer Dragon! That would’ve been sweet!!!

Awesome vids as always, Sam. ☺

Denis Einzbern says:

the start was so obviously

Walter Olmedo says:

Share the pain not banned

Jamie Dionne says:

Walmart prices are ridiculous

Μαρια Π. says:

Did anyone else notice that he said mythical elf instead of mystical elf?

Frank Figueroa says:

Best card in this set Crystal Beast Dope-ass tiger

Discord Personist says:

106 total be like *OH MY WALLET!!!!!!!!!!*

Kristien Whitneyjohns says:

Can someone please tell what this slanty eyed man is saying at the start? It’s way too fast

Tong Yang says:

Haha! IOC pack was def hype/intense!

jonathan martinez says:

Yooooo i like your videos you are so funny! Omghahahahhah Tell us the prices! i want too know’ too

619Slipk says:

“1 Rare card” written in the back
“This is the rare card? at least give me a super rare…”

درول - DRWOL says:

Well 100 for too little card I better print my own Cards

Susana Duran says:

Amazing video! You should check her out! She’s doing a giveaway!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9uOhSVh7GwbFs3QGIA8KJA

Manuel Alcala says:

When you wrote papers for school would you constantly use fluff words and phrases like without further adieu..? You tend to ramble after you say that which defeats the purpose of saying it lol. At least you’re consistent lmao thanks for the vid toots

Christian Stalvey says:

Greedy af as ever.

Cedric Shepherd says:

sweet opening video man.

Gunnar Wagner says:

That’s crazy you paid so much for those. At my Walmart the collections are 30 each, and I’m not sure about the mystery pack. But I can’t see it being more then 10 bucks. So that would be 70+ tax in Nevada without any black Friday discounts. Walmarts in Canada are crazy expensive, god damn!

eou zxiubv says:

So saddddd hahaha!

Devin Wilcox says:

Also, Sam, I love your video so but please STOP SAYING “LAST BUT NOT LEAST” for everything.

beau hamedali says:

What happened to the California video when you go to in n out

Haxxus says:


cooper douglas says:

Share the pain isn’t banned bro

hunter559 says:

Wish I could dislike more then once

Justin Henninger says:

Dan bro you lost like 80k subs real fast. Stop putting dangers in everything

Yang Zing says:


Weevil Underwood says:

flaunting wealth impresses no one.

OmegaPyron says:

Weren’t the LC’s all originally $30? So not only is this $65-70, you didn’t really get a discount…or at least not one noticable…

This is why I only buy singles, unless it’s a crazy awesome set. Like Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy back in Dragon Rulers. 2 Boxes and pulled 3 Draccossacks, plus I also made Harpies in addition to Dragon Rulers back then. Easily made double or possibly triple my cost.

darkguyver3 says:

how much was they sell for at on black Friday

Patrick Connelly says:

Smashing ground in the one pack is actually the craziest thing to be pulled. That card at the time was incredibly hard to get.

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