INSANE YuGiOh Dinosmasher’s Fury Structure Deck Opening and Review! | ITS OVER 9000!!

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Jeremy Daniel says:

Gotta do a structure showdown bro

The TZ says:

Can anyone explain to me how I can banish cards from the hand?

Thousandeyes85 says:

Toadally Awesome doesn’t need anymore help

Oscar David Rodriguez Dorantes says:

buena reseta amigo

Lamar Higgins says:

I have to get it to boost my Dino’s

MohaNumaLP says:

Hey Guys, i reallly want to play YGO again…
So i decided to look for Structure Decks.
Now i dont know which of these is the better choice : Emperor of Darkness (Monarch)
Dinomashers Fury (Dinosaur)

I will buy any of these 3x to make the best out of it so what is more worth?

Eric Tapia says:

This deck to op

Iebo Serwan says:

where do u guys live to get all those packs wher3 I live yu GI oh is extinct

Yoani Castro says:

I sell yugioh cards 50 cents 75 cents in Phoenix az and California see my videos on YouTube Yoani Castro I don’t have a pic on it

Aaron Robertson says:

If i get back into yugioh i am going to run this deck

Tyler Kister says:

Can u do the structure deck challenge with the two decks then duel with the upgraded deck

Sam Smith says:

should I buy this?

Thomas Murphy says:

is it me or does Ultimate Conductor Tyranno look like an arch nemesis of Meteor Black Comet Dragon?

Youngster Harry says:

What music is in the background

Blast says:

I don’t play competitively at tournaments, but I still like to win when I play my friends. Should I get this deck or saga of the blue eyes white dragon?

samarth gupta says:

because of this vid i got dinosmashers .hanks Simply Unlucky

Theoderic Pace says:

The Survival’s End trap which destroys normal monsters also includes tokens. The main deck focused style plus token destruction of the trap makes these cards even stronger once link summon rules are official. People will be struggling to create links for their old outdated meta archetypes and you’ll be over here twerking on their field with your T-Rex from power creep hell.

Hoàng An Phạm says:

can you tribute token

Ishraq Khan says:

Should I get pendulum domination or dinosmashers deck

Angel Robles says:

I just went out and bought the deck today after i seen this video

Jai All says:

i gonna get that

CreepinThruBK 24 says:

What does Pot of Greed do?

Milos Rakic says:

im goona have that deck soon

Josue Gonzalez says:

tyranno infinity is 2 op for a 4 star

AzSam Pako says:

I remember when the Dragon Rulers came out they were actual f*cking gods!
Then the obviously banned them cuz no one could defeat them.
And now a few years later I when I saw the Ultimate Conductor Tyrano I…
So Both him and the Dragon Rulers have this banising 2 monsters then special summon blah blah.BUT he doesn’t die in the end phase like them. AND his f*cking effect makes hm x5 better than any Dragon ruler.
So my point is, if you are actually going to let people use this dirty card then unbann the f*cking Rulers…

Captain Ballistic says:

kinda stupid people only pay attention to tyranno infinity after several years. played dimension dino before you pukes made it cool.

Eric Kulakovich says:

I definetly think it goes black tyrano  then its splits off into two different branches as super conductor tyrano and ultimate tyrano then they combine back to make Ultimate conductor Tyrano

Yoani Castro says:

I sell yugioh cards 50 cents 75 cents in Phoenix az and California see my videos on YouTube Yoani Castro I don’t have a pic on it

Crimson Wolf says:

I imagine rex rapter would be drooling over this deck just as bad as I was

King Satrio says:

where i can buy it? i’m a big fans of rex raptor

TheJazzCasters Jazz says:

gurren laggon nice

Harribo kid HB says:

BEST YU-GI-OH YOUTUBER EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas Bowen says:

doesnt ultimate conductor tyranno look like one of the Kaiju cards

Logan says:

what sleeves do you use ?

jonathan doherty says:

can you do a deck showcase for your own take on this deck?

Dk guillotine says:

i hope they update the zombie deck that one was my favorite vampire genisus is my favorite card period.

Hoàng An Phạm says:

if you have pendulum domination and dinosmasher fury what are you going to choice?

Kevin Mead says:

DUUUUUUUUUDE @SimplyUnlucky where did you get taht playmat!!!!!

Senshi00 says:

I thought Souleating Oviraptor dpesnt trigger the effect of the babys because it just sends them to the graveyard?

Atakan Baranioglu says:

this deck and rise of the true dragons would smash

Jr Molina says:

what size are the sleeves, need some fitted ones

Samuel Ocker says:

I wish I could take a look at that deck with my own eyes.

ShadyCatGames says:

I love Dino decks jurrasic anyone

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