INSANE YuGiOh Duelist Saga BOOSTER BOX BATTLE Opening and Deck Profile | DARK vs ICE!!

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Username Unknown says:

I want a jinzo from this box so bad

123456 12345 says:

anoying voice prick

Matt_Maugeri says:

I hear the Champ select music. I see you Roman

c- m says:

you can find most of these things on amazon and its cheaper not hating cause tbey could scam you or send fakes still tho its just my peraonal opinion

Fjorm Emblem says:

The Darhhk

SharkbaitA78 says:


David Pereira Lopes says:

oh man the LOL background music makes the video so comfortable xd

Master Anime says:

do muto yugi 2016 vs muto kaiba 2016

Krucial Unboxer says:

Check out my yugioh channel

MrMariobros117 says:

League of legends theme xd like

xXD1GxDUGXx says:

You can only run 1 soul charge

Allan 845pro says:

puta madre xq no pueden hablar español

Notorious Pauley Vlogs says:

I got my box the other day and I got uria lord of searing flames and the sacred beasts fusion.

OVO says:

can you show us all your cards❓ it will only be 985867447474745838284847272857 hours

J P says:

J I N Z O is jin—zo. Not Jizno

Troy Wagner says:


Jacob Willard says:

Every time he does the heart of the cards or Kaiba I really wanna die

Sheila Dickey says:

Can you subscribe to my channel look up Sheila Dickey my name is tomb raider

carlos andres calatayud tognola says:

Is that a playmat of danmachi?

Maxwell Phachanla says:

Can you get original artwork blue eyes white dragon from this pack?

Hearth Venter says:

0:47 b00b

dickbag mcdickelson says:

random question but does anyone knows what legendary decks 3 will be

Miro says:

i keep thinking that my league client is running in the background

Samuel Brody says:


Dwyn says:

is your mat from a show? if so which one?

Mustafa felafel, il Re dei Kebbabbari ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

ravioli lord of the formuoli

benjaromis1 says:

the epic background music is really nice too btw! like

MegaChaos5000 says:


Andrewx8 88 says:


TheBagOnline says:

Necrovalley! awesome card! I definitely wanna check some of these Duelist Saga packs out!

Businessman says:

All that packaging for only three packs? Konami needs to rethink that shit

DIALDA says:

With no monsters left on the field, I summon dark magician, and attack your mental health directly.

Ayzik Dig says:

what do say when tour condom breaks?

The Real VinY says:

U guys should do an Egyptian god vs sacred beast duel

The Stegman says:

Return of Jizno

Jeremy Owens says:

can anyone send me in the right direction to sale my yugioh collection. goes back to lob and up to the duelist saga release and includes sabor invoker, solemn strike and most of the valuable newer cards. several ske blue eyes first editions and prolly 40 blue eyes all together. 2 binders full and a few deck boxes with sleeved cards and a couple boxes full of commons and rares

Gordi Abraham says:

I love that play mat! Danmachi was an amazing anime

GodPein7 says:

Im thinking about buying a booster box. which would you recommend me? Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Saga or Maximum Crisis? or is there a different one thats better.?

Xero Lewis says:

This video…Really deserves way more likes than it has!!

xXD1GxDUGXx says:

You can only run 1 soul charge

ThemFilthy Metronomes says:

Even with fallen paradise, trish can banish the beasts because it doesn’t actually target.

Otangaku D Yokeman says:

OH looks it’s a jizNOSE ! OH BABY !

Power Bound says:

I remember my favourite yugioh combo from the gx times, I got both future fusion and overload fusion in my hand then I sent every monster in my deck to the grave and used overload to get out chimeratech overdragon and I had a monster with about 16000 atk or so
p.s. I of course cleared the field of traps or took some other steps to insure its safety

Josue Guzman says:

reminds me when i was a kid buying up LOB packs

Tom Saer says:

Oh does diabound keep its attack bonus as long as it’s on the field??
Or does it lose it when it’s banished?

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