INSANE YuGiOh Random Pack Opening! KAIBA!!!!!!!

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Darnell5000 says:

Reminds me of how they used to do tins but with more packs. And better pulls than I used to get with those.

outcast 99zz says:

Happy new years and number 13

Akiras Hunter Soul says:

Can someone please explain me what elysium is?

ryan1258 says:

Bastion Misawa was the Ra Yellow you mentioned.

Jeremiah Harris says:

HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone!!!!!

8BITeyes says:

This is awesome!

Cody Bellah says:

“Trickstars aren’t a top tier deck” literally second top deck in the current meta

Tye ~ says:

I really liked this episode! Bringing in the classic packs at the end was lit!

gravityboy123 :p says:

Make a deck from spirit warriors!! I love six samuraiiii

CrazyAsian Gamer says:

Besides opening these random packs, what content ideas are you planning on making for the new year?

Julian Diaz says:

I’M your fan number one

DARKLORD ? says:

you should make one of the new structure decks with these packs

Matthew Henton says:

what would i do with that many cards

Jerico Valmonte says:

Happy 2018!

silvio Pintaudi says:

had do drop a like for that whale sound haha

Trevor Desmond says:

Let’s play some league!

Simply YuGiOh says:

The 3rd part to this amazing 300 random pack opening! KAIBA!!!!!

Nathaniel Allen says:

When are you Shaving?

Hoodi Eyes says:

Anyone watches Yugioh Vrains?

cody greenly says:

Alistar ….

Epirah says:


noah phillips says:


Mike says:

You need to open more packs than just 8-12 of them for a 15 minute video because this is asinine. I get you want to show them, but we have the ability to pause and look at them too, especially with 300+ packs to open.

Hoodi Eyes says:

Sooo anyone watches Yugioh Vrains

Can Musik says:

thumbs down because it wasnt insane.

Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! & Weiss Schwarz Channel says:

Some good stuff there.

Rallen Riko says:

We gettin lit today bois

TrAgIcR3FLEX says:

Can you pull prices up like you did for the stardust hunting video

diego condori says:

I really would consider change the name to simply lucky because it was a great unpacking 😀

Thousandeyes85 says:

Do a card auction duel

cody greenly says:

fuck is with that League of legends music playing

Jedi S.H says:


Rallen Riko says:

Bruh it’s aleistER. Like canister

outcast 99zz says:

#simplyyugioh u should put all these videos in one

Andres Garces-Rengifo says:

I hate it when you say the word super

Kai Waters says:

the whale noise should be use anytime a dolphin/whale card is pulled even if it isnt white

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