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My name is Roman Grothaus, creator and producer of Simply Unlucky, Simply Pokemon, Rare Hunters, Simply MTG, and Simply Yugioh (SimplyUnluckyTV). SU is one of the biggest card game or table top opening review shows on the planet! Mainly dealing in Yugioh Cards: Box, Pack, Deck Profiles, Tin, Structure, Starter, Duel and Top 10 videos. Through Unboxings we are able to review product and open it together with the viewers. It can be the Best, Massive, Exciting, Nostalgic, Lucky, or Unlucky. We open classic all the way to new Yugioh cards, ranging from: Yu-Gi-Oh, GX, 5Ds, Zexal, Arc V! We have different series like: Booster Box Battles, 100 pack Extravaganza, and the MASTER Set. Hopefully you find some videos you truly Enjoy! Yes we’re huge TCG players and all have a strong love for these different games! We play many different games: Magic the Gathering, Weiss Schwarz, Carfight Vanguard, Naruto, and Force of Will. Finally, my goal is to Open the Best Card Shop in the World (Hobby Shop: cards, comics, board games, table top, video games, online store, Toys, and all other Simply Shenanigans, a Gamer’s Paradise 😉
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Tommy ten speed says:

So coming to your store bro!!!!!! Awsome job with your videos and your motivation for everyone to keep it old school!!!

Charles Johnson says:

Are we gonna get a card shop tour once it’s open?

Divine Fantasy Author says:

wow, nice intro, and why did you keep the beard and the mustache?

BFK ReApEr says:

I haven’t watched a video from you in years. Last I saw you didn’t have a beard then boom, here you are.

Kazanna 12488 says:

The sound of rare cards being flex flicked against the table is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I treat cards like they will decintigrate if flexed at all

TCY TCG says:

Komoney rigs the special ed packs (as well as the 1st ed packs) so that consumers pull terribly. Then they go and rig the special ed for SimplyUnlucky just so viewers feel pumped to go out there and pull fire. XD
Anyways. Congrats on the brick and mortar! I can’t wait to vlog there someday! Maybe y’all can host a Regional someday! 😀

Vinny Mookow says:

Congrats on the shop opening man!!! Would you or anyone happen to know if there’s a site I can purchase a banner like the Kaiba one you were gifted??

quang minh lê says:

Cyber at every where

F J X says:

How does anybody keep up with this game anymore? After synchro monsters the game just got way to complicated with XYZ, pendulum and link monsters

JD 309 says:

Love the new intro, keep it up and I hope you get the shop open soon

NewbieK1 says:

Been watching for years and you deserve this shop! GOOD LUCK

Deforce says:

holy shit dude. i remember watching you back when you reviewed the yusei collection and then going to buy it after watching the video as a 9 year old. this was awesome to watch again.

Stefan Vujicic says:

Hi and congrats

eou zxiubv says:

Konami clearly stacked these products just specifically for him, so obviously.

Alice VR says:

Literally rigged boxes from Konami, what a joke

Apocalypticus Maximus says:

Hey Mr. „Unlucky“, you only buy and sell cards, or play them to?

CubanAssassin says:

I ordered from you guys only to find out one week later y’all have a YouTube channel. This shit is dope.

Lucas Herter says:

Wonderful box …. Kaibaaaaaaaaaa?!

teonx baldas says:

Amazing! I find Phantazmay in the box with single pack

Sofian Daoudi says:

Hey man do more YGOTAS reactions

Christopher Cooley says:

Listening to the forbidden memories music lol

Ice Hurricane Gaming says:

Seems like he is the main person Konami send product too.

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