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Boarded up Roof says:

Dude lets be real no ones will watch your vids because no one c cares for trading cards you know how you know what you want to give used play fortnine stupid games like that all right it doesn’t care if you like then just play them all right dumbass

Elie El Hajj says:

This is really massive

Jared Petersen says:

Wtf i didnt know they made a Master Collection Vol.3

Joey McCartney says:

How do I enter to win any product u brought back from Japan

Sause Baus says:

The extra packs comes with the replica prize card in them and also the new Vandread and FA link monsters

Joel G. J says:

PLEASE consider doing a collab w/ Gaijin Goombah. Awesome Youtuber and Japanese Expert.

KingofHearts787 says:

I really liked the Japan vlogs, glad there’s a pokemon center one coming out soon.

SumDude says:


Arrogant Karl says:

I love Emilia… (cit.)

Noel Guzman says:


J. Craig says:

Those Blue eyes sleeves are so badass!!!

Swagster Gamer says:

Im sorry for asking but when are u doing the other legendary hero decks battle

Nicholas Miller says:

I want the PEN!!!!

SonicSol says:

Well, the reason why all OCG cards aren’t allowed in TCG Konami events/some card shops is because there are some cards in the OCG that are only available there. For example, Magi Magi Magician Gal, a Rank 6 Spellcaster that works well with Ebon Illusion Magician and has a really good effect, is only available in OCG due to Takahashi not wanting to censor the anniversary art for TCG. Another reason is the rarity of a card being different thus being easier to get. For example, Spellbook of Judgement (known as Divine Judgment of the Spellbooks in OCG) was a secret rare over here because of how strong the card was in our format at the time (2013). Meanwhile in the OCG, the card was a simple common and was easily available since there were other cards that the TCG didn’t release yet.

Also Noble Knights iirc were TCG only for a time so OCG suffered from that too.

Overall I’d rather TCG and OCG have the same cards and banlist to make things more consistent. But maybe that’s asking too much.

Cody Sam says:

Thank God that you are back!!!!
We need you!

AtarashiiBlog says:

Its an Izakaya

SuperYoda7 says:

Yoo that intro was lit!

SimplyUnlucky says:

Happy Thanksgiving Guys!
The SimplyUnlucky Haul from Japan, hopefully you Enjoy the Video!
Let us know in the Comments what you guys think about OCG product compared to the TCG!

Peyton The Cerbus says:

Ok how do I get as lucky as he is. Meaning how do I get random gift from the producers of yugioh?

Richard Wright says:

If it helps English Re:0 drops December 21st

Zack Fox official! says:

There’s pens like that in the US too

YourAznSpirit says:

And those snacks are called kaki no tane

Mia Son says:

So play all of your money dir this intros

Tesomanjarvi says:

Very nice “suitcase opening” 😀

YourAznSpirit says:

Can’t believe you were in my area. Wish I could’ve met you! I try to make Yu-Gi-Oh content on my channel when I can.

au. duma says:

I love Yu-Gi-Oh because ITS the BEST

Anzai Chiyomi says:

As for price, strategy, profitability and very good flow of game, the Weiss Schwarz is being a better card game than the yu-gi-oh, I do not say it, the statistics say that the yugioh is dying, because in reality you win a battle because you no have skill in the game, but the size of your wallet and / or credit card, hurts yugioh, if you continue like this, you will die in less than 2 years

TheDelirious Mexican says:

I really really want one of this 13th anniversary blue eyes sleeves, they’d go perfectly with my new blue eyes deck

Justin Tyler says:

Is Japanese Beer better than American Beer?

Al Dusty says:

My favourite pokeball is the Timer ball

Daniel Whitt says:

Cant wait im staying tuned

Maffa yoo says:

The upcoming content is Gunna be so fucking good

epicaddis87 says:

I can’t wait for the pharaohs servant opening! I hope you pull an ultra rare buster blader, a favorite of mine. Should be epic!

6est9evet says:

I need to Get my Hhands on that KC Baby Blue Eye Sleeves

Shane Wickham says:

ARRRGGGGG!!!! you spoiled that one me you asshole.

Animedude836 says:

Wow that is some really epic stuff. I super excited to see the videos for the “Mystery Packs”.

Mihajlo Spark says:

We have a same type of pen in Serbia LOL

Hanjuro says:

Im sooo excited to see that 3000yen mystery boxes!!!

lyca may oabel says:

Nice Vid

Hai Xiong says:

Open everything on camera please.

Arif Nugroho says:

Nice , wait for the opening!

King Leo says:

I run a All Blue Eyes deck if he gives those away ima try to win it lmao

FOLDED CAM 37 says:


Mjuxtapose03 says:

nobody likes you

ᅚDen says:

So jealous..

Victor Rdz says:

Can we change jobs please

Joey Mendez says:

Can’t wait for epic openings on some of these products you picked up and definitely want to see more nice places you visited

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