MASSIVE YuGiOh Legendary Duelist MASTER Set Box Opening & Review! OH BABY!!

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Hot Amadeus says:

How much does one of those boxes cost?

tincanhoboman says:

Hey man, been watching your videos for about 4 years now and only recently started collecting. About to open my first ever booster box in a few weeks! I think it would be cool if you could do a video (maybe on simply yugioh) where you film putting the cards in a binder from a larger set. It’s a pretty repetitive task, and I know I never really appreciated the work other people put in to sleeve all their cards and put them in binders. I wouldn’t suggest doing it often but maybe as a one time video.

Krešimir Rod says:

u suck su

kisuke2891 says:

you should do some of these packs

Wacko Jacko says:

May I ask where you are selling these cards at those prices for!

Atspulgss says:

I am having hard time finding that binder youre using as that is something I would love to get. Ive had been using some compromise solutions that sortof does it, but its nowhere near the solution of the binder shown. It is a little difficult to tell from the UltraPro website as they only provide a single picture of the product. Also the grid layout isnt specified often. as this would be 4×3 grid for 12 per page side. Love the binder, please give me a chance to purchase it UltraPro 😀

panic king says:

i got this box and my first pull was a red eyes baby dragon

haven smith says:

Joey’s catch phrase: “…for my sistah, SERENITY!”

Zylow says:

Woah, what just happened to the sound at 25:55? did the main cam sound crash or what?

christopher sepulveda says:

That slapping thing with the cards has to be a fetish

Shpend says:

Is that really Bilgewater Music in the background?

Tony Hasselstrom says:

These master set videos are awesome! I’d love to see more. Would also like to see more of the expensive set you bought from kaiba! I was really getting into those videos

simply awesome says:

You should get a yugis g kaiba collectors box

Spirits 2024 says:

If possible i would trade you

1 Ghost ogre and snow rabbit
1 Ghost reaper and winter cherries
1 Droll and lock bird

For 1 Ash Blossom

jos fonse says:


SupremeKiller242 says:

It was Zane who used the cyberdarks in GX

Hoodi Eyes says:

Checks date… still MARCH MADNESS

Thomas Salgado says:

Hi Roman my name isThomas & am also collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards. You must be a rare hunter. Because you collect a lot of different rare cards . & also am a big fan of yours . I been watching your videos . Since when you unboxing the legend of the blue eyes white dragon. Can you please give me a shoutout from your next new video. It’s Thomas Salgado that’s my YouTube channel. Thanks .

Kryptek TCG says:

What binder is that? Could anyone find me a link to pick one up?

Fon Kanarian says:

25:55 ops xD

Scott Clay says:

Hey SimplyUnlucky! Been watching your videos for years and you’ve inspired me to get back into collecting a bit! I was just wondering…. How do you stay on top of market values? Is there a site that’s best? (I’m collecting Japanese cards if that makes a difference)

Ryan Jonsson says:

Oh sweet looks like more roids support

Yuri Acidre says:

Su can u buy me cards just once thank you

Mohamed Abdelhamid says:

Hey su i got a question i want to buy a booster box but idk which can u pleas tell me which i should buy for building decks

Daniel Binder says:

Great video as always simply! Love the master collection reviews at the end too. Hope to see more collection review videos from your previous openings 🙂

The Letter B says:

You cant have a level 4 effect monster with 2000 atk without a catch. Simply Unlucky, u should already know this!

Xiao Sheng says:

Holo red eye black dragon not easy to get….I buy 4 box get 2 holo red eye black dragon…other 2 box get fusion red eye…

Minecraft Freak says:

that master set is absolutely awesome!!! love seeing these!!!

terry johnson says:

Making a Pure Amazoness deck and Pure Red-eyes deck with the legendary duelist cards.

Neutrino says:

I’m really liking the master sets at the end!

Trace Burke says:

Dang. I wish I had a lot more cards than I do. This is really interesting. I’m not sure if you’ll even read this, but I would love to see if you could help me out with a deck. I’m getting back into the game recently and I think I have an okay deck but I could use better cards. Anyways good work on your videos

Galaxy Gaming says:

Roid is syrus
Cyber is zane
Geddon is bastion

Kishin Asura says:

Joey’s phrase is BROOKLYN RAGE

Jimmy Ha says:

awesome channel 🙂 I love your passion for the game :D…I wish I could buy these boxes. How do you afford so many? As a student I can only watch online 🙁 Anyways please keep it up, you are awesome!

yoyoyoyo nononono says:

Im really getting hyped for the ending and seeing all the cards !
How long did this 1 take for you ?
Probably hard work, but I’m 100% sure that it’s so much fun putting effort into something like this !!

Will WB says:

Can I have your commons?! Lol luv the vids

Ezra Faries says:

What happened to the audio at 25:55?

Xanxus Varia says:

No secret rares in this pack?

Manuel Tadeo says:

More master sets! Love them!

Official Bulgarian Lego says:

Yugioh cards is very cool game ,but have very very more good I dislike a video!

El Loco de Las CARTAS!!!! says:

Legendary duelist vs ancient Millenium booster box battle please

Hollow Ninja lord says:

I would love to see these master collections more of them

Justin Kinney says:

Where do you end up selling the cards? i forgot what you said what you do with the cards you dont keep

Jin Marco says:

Bought lite versions of this booster at Dollar Tree and pulled a Red Eyes Baby Dragon (:

Tormentor177 says:

He is simply evreything but unlucky

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