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619Slipk says:

13:28 Alex: “quick question. What is a link monster?”
That laugh in the back was so good XD

Good guy Greg says:

Where’s all this juicy content coming from , I was waiting 2 weeks from the speed duel vids, thankyou!

Sylver says:


Justin Tran says:

this man is still calling spell cards ” magic cards” wtf

Virasman says:

So many openings and hands!!!

Ronald Parker says:

Love the Simply Squad!!!

david mcleod says:

cool man

pikapee! PIKACHU! says:

I would love to see more of these type of videos. Large openings are so fun.

Eitan Cazares says:

4 guys opening Yu-Gi-Oh packs?
That’s definitely a bukkake for konami.

Lawbringer of death says:

I bought 10 packs and didnt get red rising dragon. A common. I’m still pissed but I’m just going to buy it online

Michael Spink says:

I could use some pot I like smoking pot

Chad Lee says:

All those booster packs and not one borralord,must be a super secret rare

bobby4real says:

Yo SimplyUnlucky when are you going to open these vending machine cards???
Edit: Spelling

Andrew S says:

I love your pack openings. Its the reason i started collecting and playing. Recently i found a DDS-001 Blue eyes! That was the first lot of yugioh i bought! My goal this year is to buy a large amount of duelist pack yugi or kaiba unlimited packs. (They came in The Yugi and Kaiba Collector box

Shameless plug: DDS-001 Blue Eyes white dragon.

ooJiraiyaSama says:

This was a funny opening. Not sure who the guy on the right is tho…

Unknown Player says:

Please change the damn intro please I liked the kaiba one better

Andrew Wheeler says:

The math comes out to roughly be around 1080 dollars made from just what I see as of current market so depending on how much simply unlucky paid the secrets and and ulatras he is showing either made him a profit of 200 dollars or lost him 150 dollars depending on how much he paid

SilverBack GorillaKid says:

My favourite card is my red eyes b dragon sdj-001

Daniel Kerr says:

Watching this made me really realise how bullshit the pull rates are. Also these puns man stooop!!!! How did I survive them for 50 minutes?

240 Bear says:

The energy for this opening was awesome. I would watch this on TV. Great crew, keep up the good work

Jimmy Goodson says:

Hello, I’ve been trying to reach someone on your website. You mailed me the wrong booster box. I ordered “Shining Victories”, you sent “The Shining Darkness”. I have sent messages but no response. Please check your messages and correct the mistake you made.

Seth Heffernan says:

Why so expensive on your website! !!!!!

S.L B.N says:

Plz make more duels

Isha Gutierrez says:

I don’t think I like the over head camera shot. The cards look smaller and harder to see. Just my opinion.

Michael Gunnels says:

i got lucky with pulling witches strike and fantastical dragon from these

NuclearNugget says:

Hey, SimplyUnlucky, I was going to order some stuff from your store, but I can only do it through paypal. Is there going to be a credit card way to pay soon or is it just paypal?

The king of games dani boy says:

hey guys check out my youtube channel just type in blue eyes deck profile no 1 and below that it will come up as the king of games dani boy I hope you can check it out aswell simply unlucky I would like to be famous like you one day from a fan

Ben Christiansen says:

You guys have the best videos. Makes me wanna start recording my pulls. Especially lately. LOB graded Blue Eyes and Dark Magician from the holiday boxes. 2 exodia limbs, a pack fresh Blue Eyes, a TDC first ed, LD: SOTR cannon, and tons of others just in the past few weeks. Both the Blue eyes TDC and exodia limbs came in 2 days

Rommel Duran says:

fire vid. glad to see everyone cause it makes the video 100x more fun!

Nikolay Dawae says:

so addicted to yugioh lol and i fcking love it

Mukhlis Royhan says:

I dont play yugioh but idk why this is so fun to watch xD

Oliver Dethlefs says:

Rip simplyalex

Chad Lee says:

How many squids could a squid squirt squirt if a squid squirt could squirt squids

YugiCurt says:

SimplyUnlucky is now filmed in front of a live studio audience

Zxeris says:

hey simplyunlucky,

want your expertise here. I still have my dark magician girl MFC-000 1st ed and I’m wondering how much it’s worth. It’s in fairly good condition, never played it just sitting in her sleeves for the past 16 years!

Lord Snoke says:

Murlin lives in a golden castel until a sea turtel appears eating dice smasher but murlin is ready to distroy the sea turtel by useing a strike of solom to distroy the sea turtel. The trooper of cards thanks murlin for distroying that sea turtel. Orgoth the relentless appears charging at murlin but he is ready with a force of mirrior smashing the charging creature to pieces. And the day is saved.

Jemma Standing says:

Hey Simply! When are you and Alex gonna duel again? Me and my partner miss it 🙂

xXeyeshineXx says:

What did it cost for a opening like this?

MID-WAY Painting and Roofing Mid-Way says:

Money is all that matters to this channel now and I hate that I mis the old simply unlucky. I really wish simply bro would start his own channel I really like him he’s a cool dude and your can tell he likes the game and the cards an it’s fun to him

Sermon King says:

i want a pot of extra!!!!

Tabor's Wyvern says:

Nice pulls! I also made a video on my channel where I opened 2 of the savage strike special editions. It’s also my giveaway video for a monster reborn lost art promo card.

Team Happy Christian says:

simply Savage!!

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