Mermails! NEW Box Review! Will They Be a New Tier Deck? [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links]
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Justin Tan says:

Duel Links’ format is not so good for Mermails.

The LSU Prodigy says:

If anyone can help please respond. I got a new phone because my old one shattered and now I can’t login to my old account with all of my data on it. I tried the data transfer thing but I don’t know my Konami ID or the password for the account. I’ve emailed Konami about this but they won’t email me back or help me at all. Even when I try to get them to send my password or Konami ID to my email, they don’t send that. Any help?

Consistent Pogba says:

Could definetly see this deck pairing up nicely with citadel whale and SSA.

law kidd says:

And no, this deck wont be nerfed. Thank you KONAMI !!

Facundo De Armas says:

Maybe a 30 card deck

Steve P says:

What do you guys think about the Gemini support?

AustinLong1639 says:

Wow!! I havent played since they released Jinzo and for the longest ive been wanting Mermails since i started playing last February of 2017.

Daniel Puertas says:

Same as Dark World

SaMyVI says:

Hey Dkayed, what’s wrong with the website , When i check decks kog same name 4x or plus sometimes pop up with difference decktype decks , while i shared my deck to the website through the non discord member way early this Month Arround 8 August and it didn’t get posted yet

Jason Kutai says:

Thanks for the in depth review of the new mermail archtype extremely helpful

Mar Kevin Lagsac says:

Is paleo frogs good?

Poke'mon Trainer Chri$$$ 303 says:

Man so more mako support. Sea stealth attack making an unfortunate comeback.

bzibubab bzibubab says:

Sylvan + fur hire = this

Shinigami1295 says:

I wish they added abyss scorn :/

Manny Phaces says:

This box has me thinking on Toad, Magnet, and Gemini viability.

Elysium Rod says:

gundeblazing is dkayed’s girlfriend

Stott On The Dot says:

So mermails are basically the water version of dark worlds?

Sheeper says:

So i think megalo is not going to be playable just spike and the other smalls

Patrick Jacobsen says:

With the current state of duel links now taking champions vigilance of the limited list would not matter now. Just give it to us so we can have fun duels.
#normalsareharmless #reinstatechampionsvigilance

dxmcake says:

Clarification on the Abyss-scales because nobody seems to be bringing it up, but the information in the video is inaccurate. Say you activate Abyss-scale of Cetus, afterwards, your opponent flips Amazoness Onslaught. This isn’t enough to trigger Cetus because it specifies that the EFFECT of a trap card has to be activated. That said, they can still play around it if they have an Amazoness in hand because they can try to summon in the Battle Phase with Onslaught’s effect, Cetus will negate that instead of the banish effect which is probably what you want to stop.

ToxicroakTheGod says:

Dark world dealings in mermails.. Draw power plus effects pop off without having to rely on megalo so much

adan arturo ramos silva says:

my 30 card MERMAIL ATLANTEAN FROG DECK with grass looks memer ♥ * o *

Oscar Gardea says:

What about the stuff they could bring one day
Abyssprince so forth

NightCoreStudio says:

i wonder why they won’t nerf amazoness, that onslaught needs to be nerfed.

itsmattsgaming says:

Legendary fishermen is bait for drowning mirror force

Da Boss Gaming says:

Duuueeellling BOK? Huuuuuuuuuh?!!?!!

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