My ENTIRE PSA Graded Yu-Gi-Oh! Collection!!! SO MUCH OLD SCHOOL!!!


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Cole Oresik says:

Ahhhhhh, memories

Spooky Business says:

Mad respect, but fuck you for making me cum my pants MULTIPLE TIMES.

alejandro90429 says:

Come on men, you need a archlord zerato ps10

Erik Edwardson says:

Absolutely amazing collection man. So much nostalgia as always. I stumbled across one of your videos a few months ago and it got me back into collecting old school yugioh cards. The collection continues!

Fortnite Frog says:

Been watching your content for awhile it’s amazing! Keep it up. I think I watched a video of you explaining how to submit to psa a year or so ago? I’m trying to find it again because I have an unlimited mint base set Charizard I want to get graded but have never submitted before. Can you give a link to psa’s Website?

halotango3 says:

Awesome collection man!!

Munchief says:


LocalChamp9139 says:

This is an awesome collection. You should use sleeves for your PSA cases so they don’t get scratched and you don’t have to get them recased. (not sponsored) Perfect Fit Innovations sells great ones on ebay that a lot of collectors use.

David Ritty says:

A video for the ages.

The_Not_So_Amazing_Ray-Man says:

absolutely amazing collection! love seeing these! this was a real trip down memory lane!

#JPro 14 says:


Advocate says:

wait so your wife likes the cards too?
did she like them before or after she met you?

Samuele says:

This is so awesome, nice collection!

potato says:


KurtOfEngland says:

Loved the video.

Michael Fellner says:

Thanks for sharing this awesomeness. So many beautiful Cards, sheesh. I dont like Dark Crisis either but to me Vampire Lord in SCR is one of the best looking Cards oat. Overall, old Cards just looked way better then the new Card designs, new Cards imo look cheap af.

Miriks says:

I don’t collect cards and I dont play YuGiOh anymore but damn that collection makes me jelous

max parsons says:

Collection on today’s market, is about 40000 dollars, but the price and time it’s taken to buy all these regrade them over and over again. Pretty much priceless. An outstanding achievement, considering your military lifestyle well down Ian matey

Melvin Fontanez says:

incredible video

Dison's Prodigy says:

What’s the value of all these cards!!!!!!?????

condorman3 says:

How much you want for the collection

Richard Moore says:

Noticed that PSA have labelled that YGLD Dark Magician up as “Battle City”?!?

Naren Biardo says:

So good i love it

myousaf42 says:

how much does it cost to get cards graded by psa? do you send them individually or together?

Spellcasters Circle says:

This is just insane. You really have an amazing collection. Thanks for sharing!!

Unterhosegotti says:

Damn thats an awesome collection mate

Matthew Kas says:

anyone know the price on the exodia LOB set?

curtis snow says:

You said both of your exodia heads were first print run, why was one of them a lot darker? I’m just curious I don’t really know a lot about that kind of stuff

Wesley Tomsky says:

GOD, that secret rare blue eyes and HPD….. I want. how do you even get those cards?

curtis snow says:

Soon as I seen the video title I got out the lotion and tissues lmao this is just awesome man. It’s like my child hood in video form, any idea what a collection of this kind is worth?

Cameron Jones says:

Is it worth grading prize cards?

Weareonenation303 says:

That’s a lot of mulah you got in cards. If the market value keeps increasing, you’ll have a fortune in 10 years or so.

Metal Gear Salad says:

So impressive. Actually had me saying ‘wow’ to myself aloud. Love it and love your channel!

Bright ideas says:

Pegasus is so jealous right now

jose acosta says:

Badass collection bro but for such a great collector like you I can’t believe you don’t have cyber stein

GrokH says:

Beautiful :’)

yugiandstufftosell says:

thats a beast collection , definetly nostalgic and very good value wise and nostalgia wise for collectors , im nearly there with my collection but watching this makes me want more ^_^

Vintage Yugioh says:

Metal Raiders just has such great holos, rares, and commons! Nice video!

Nuno Ferreira says:

crazy stuff

condorman3 says:

Anyone else lose interest after magicians force? But siiiiiiiiick

tau zena says:


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