My Ninja Yugioh Deck Profile for Post Shadows In Valhalla

Hope you all enjoy the video!
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Also check out the channel I’ve started with my girlfriend Marissa(Tsundere)! We do pack openings and blind bags of a lot of cool different stuff.
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Legolas'ın Türkiye Şubesi says:

Hey kiratwig2 zoa deck or new support relinquished deck (relinguished anima new link)

Valentin Hernandez says:

In my opinion to much traps

CommanderDodge says:

Loved this deck profile! Can you also make a deck profile for the Valkryie archetype too please?

OwO says:

Kage bushin no jutsu

Rudy Cuyno says:

have i thought of doin a ninja deck that uses the mini swarm that gold ninja. yellow. ninja. the pendulum ninja can do well also using hanzo. &getsuga. & then only using ninjutsu art of note book. alchemy. duplication& shadow sealing as ur only ninja art cards. j.w?.?

luis E. says:

This is my lucky deck for 2018 cause it my BIRTHDAY!!!…hope all of you have a great day and enjoy all of your birthdays!

Nerdy Friends says:

Sweet someone else with a ninja deck I though I was the only one nice video check mine and tell me what you think if you can it’s more built on simorgh

Genesis007AUT says:

Man I love your videos so much. Everything is so well made. I like the Decks themselves cause you always keep the ‘soul’ of the Archetype and you never add too much Engines, Tech-Cards and Handtraps. Also your voice is very relaxing and you’re one of the few ygo tubers that don’t seem to be hyperactive with their cards while showing them off 🙂

PS: I would love to ses profiles for Demise Armageddon, Crusadia and Gravekeepers 🙂

Jan Götz says:

What is with magic planter and dark simorgh?

•The Daxon23• says:

update deck fluffal plis

Joseph Dacsil says:

Finally! Someone with a ninja deck! Thanks Kiratwig!

Crashnbons says:

No Lv 1 Pendulum Monster?

Julio Guevara says:

Which equip spell you use for isolde? lol

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