NEW Box Review! Nephthys, Lavals! Part 1/2 [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links]
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Patrick Jacobsen says:

Nice I like me a bit of fire fisting

oz0006 says:

guys 4:50 whats this game? where i can download it?

Mei Misaki says:

*I am thinking about building a laval deck*

phxazdude arizona says:

I waiting for my all time favorite. The SPELLBINDING CIRCLE!!

MichaelBlackson says:

Don’t buy it.

ssmvalentino gaming says:

7:01 otk……or not otk

soupdawhoop says:

liking the laval deck!! just sucks that you need DDR

Chri C says:

Open 30 boxes, all crap

God of destruction yomi says:

So does konami have a personal vendetta against black rose dragon or something because now it’s getting a little ridiculous that we haven’t gotten it’s box yet.

Mateusz G says:

i Wonder would stardust make nephtys useless.. like negating its effect would it still comeback.

Kurniyadi Muttaqin says:

Nephthyths looks like new yubel deck

adrian pinder says:

dkayed: this deck OTK
me: wow, big suprise, a deck OTK in duel links!?
btw no hate comment I love you dkayed (corazón)

下次請你吃飯 says:

Where is my dark world dragon at??????????

new shOt says:

“Card Soul” will work more than Senju since it doesn’t take ur normal summon and can search ur said red nephthys too!!

Axel Coltic says:

Great gotta deal with The nephys meta now lol

K e Ding says:

You haven’t found the right way of playing laval yet.

Patrick Tierney says:

I’ve been lied to, box isn’t out yet 🙁

Benjamin Wright says:

Card of the soul searches the new ritual monster and the original one now.

SaMuela says:


nintonintendo1 says:

I am tempted to get the nepthys. Are they good?

Krabby PRATty says:

should i invest in this box if i dont have any sneju/sonic birds ??? also do u thihnk it will be relevant in the meta ??

Orthros TV A says:

Only Buster Blader with a goddess hand could beat cerulean

James Kangethe says:

I’m loving the look of Lavals. They’re art work is just my style, thats enough reason for me to make a deck for them

Ugly DemiGod says:

Laval op and Phoenix revives question mark……see what I did

Alex herrador says:

Not yet

Jonathan Soto says:

I like these decks.

João Marques says:

Cerulean shouldn’t come back in the standby if you tribute it for another Cerulean’s ritual summon. Notice that it says it comes back if it’s *destroyed* by battle or card effect; ritual summons don’t destroy, they tribute monsters. Problem solving card text is important.

Alexandre Buteau says:

AT LAST !!!!!!!!

ArttuSamuel says:

Whats the app Dkayed is using to simulate duels with different decks?

Ramón Ramírez says:

Sealed tombs completely shits on this deck

Jeff Lang says:

What duel simulator are you using in the video to demonstrate the deck?

BlinkTF2 says:

with archetypes as powerful as these ones look to be Sealed Tombs is going to be a very popular skill

3agle 3ye says:

I don’t know… there are too many ways to disrupt the ritual deck and with no defense it will probably stuggle.

BTZ says:

If I have to get 2 more copies of sonic bird and senjiu then that deck ain’t worth it

Clousephinat says:

Oh my god, the box comes with Pot of Greed? What does it do anyway?

razer302 says:

Love these cards. Use them in my TCG deck

Blight Slinger says:

I played nephthys in the tcg for a bit they are fun- might try them out in duel links

Voltic_Charge says:

why not sent the other handmaidens with the first maiden effect so you have more monsters in grave for dragon effect

Axel Coltic says:

“Ok guys we need a way to bring koaki and ag down a notch lets brainstorm”

“Limite some cores”
“Limit gear town maybe”

“Realease an even bigger monster so that we still get money for all 3 decks”


Gabe says:

I would enjoy it if Konami added limited time, duel links exclusive archetypes

noscopem8 says:

I love when I can play decks in duel links that are not very good in the tcg

michie123 says:

sick bait

KLCXMonk knoMXCLK says:

I activate my Credit Card

Jonah Brown says:

Why no Black Rose tho 🙁

Trafalgar Law34 says:

Man I want more support for mask Heroes. Especially Dark Law

Justin Brett says:

I think Vampires are gonna have a hard time against Lavals. That piercer invalidates the Takeover strategy somewhat, and Stennon nullifies pretty much every destruction effect they use. Plus they can just negate all of the Vampire playmaker cards like Kingdom.

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