New Danger! Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards: Review and Sample Deck Profile

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100 Hour Reviews says:

“I’m sure many of you went to…”

I’m here and haven’t played YuGiOh since the cave man days lol

Lowell Lucas Jr. says:

So I’m confused on why you think there are better cars than Dark World dealings for a deck that ditches cards. Since it doesn’t seem like you run into the void, mind crush or dragged down to the grave, what would you recommend as better options?

Castigar_48 says:

dzeeff It’s been a long hard week for us….we need another video making fun of casual elitists. Plz make another.

VINTAO says:


Toaster says:

so wait u don’t have enough money for the 3 engage but u do have enough money for the over 200 dollars worth of Danger! cards?

Jake Chudzik says:

Do you think danger burning abyss would be a more viable option if cherubini is printed in the TCG?

mrcartman09wanja says:

show us some duels please

romeo davis says:

I pulled danger! Chupacabra! And i am hoping to sell it for around 20$ depending on the price.

romeo davis says:

Heroes would be a good counter to this deck due to dark law’s special ability that allows him to banish cards that that go to the grave.

CAX117 says:

I’m actually most excited for the Cyber Dragon cards. Might make them a decent rogue deck. Praise be unto our fallen savior, Yuginono.

Phoenix Whitcher says:

I think phantom skyblaster is a perfect inclusion in this deck. It’s an Amazing normal summon and can help setup a board.. one card knightmare. One card wee witch apprentice.( which is actually really. 2 downward arrows.)

Wren says:

Slash Draw is way better than DWD, your opponent doesn’t get to draw, you get to mill, and you have a very small chance (but still present) to just blow your opponent out of the water via nuking their board

aiRCoft says:

Dragged Down is pretty good, and I run three mainly for hand-trap removal (and obviously because of the Darkworld and Danger! monster effects)… I also run one The Beginning of the End because usually by the time I draw it, (the times I _do_ draw it) there are already about five to ten dark monsters in my graveyard, so it’s a nice finisher. Also, although it’s a pretty good little pair, I don’t think the Sky Striker cards are necessary at all, and I’d personally run more Darkworlds over them, or those Trade-Ins, or the aforementioned cards.

Selby Brouwer says:

How about some danger! Shaddoll’s and use ways to lock your opponent out of the extra deck? I mean danger don’t really need it (assuming no knightmares) and shaddoll can help with deck thinning, might want 1 or 2 more danger monsters released first I guess…

Mike S says:

My favorite part about Danger is when your opponents don’t know how they work and Ash your Danger summon effect activations. I’ve had at least 3 people do it so far, and it’s been wonderful every time.

I’ve found that running 1 Beige isn’t enough to consistently be able to summon Graphas, and summoning Graphas is good for pushing through OTKs. So I’ve been running 3 Lucent. But it has caused some bricks, so I’m not sure

Alexander Gee says:

Really? Why can no one pronounce it correctly

MST International says:

Tourguide is only great with Rhino. Also 2 Gates is enough as 2 in the same hand with danger Monsters makes it Impossible to set them both

User Name says:

Do you think Snipe Hunter would work well with the Danger cards as a rouge strategy? 66% change to destroy and card you want and free discarding Danger cards.

Sam Gafford says:

Also… Liv’n in the Danger! Zone

Clogged Clog says:

Danger abc, well time to go dust off the firewall and cannon soldier

viewtifulkye says:

No Tomahawk?

Thomas Sanyo says:

Wow, a realistic assessment of the Danger! archetypes strengths (and many weaknesses), thank you Dzeff for showing everyone that you can make good videos without clickbaiting about how OMG BROKEN a currently pretty lackluster archetype is

Never Knows Best says:

i saw someone using the paleozoic trap you hate, seemed like a good idea as it allows you to use the discard effects the way and when you want them.
personally i dont think the deck is all that great right now, too much rng to consistently end on an ideal board.

Timothy Ng says:

I guess this is a highway to the danger zone

Wisdom says:

If you have engaged and dragged down cant you just set engaged? What’s the problem?

Loc Nguyen says:

Thunder Danger!=Instant Superbolt

gigagaminggamer says:

dzeeff was right on his stream, skill cards are coming to TCG! Speed duel format decks coming out

JokerJack says:

Dark World are trash vanilla that don’t do shit but drag down (ha!) this archtype, the general consensus I’m seeing right now is that a Dark Grepher Malicious Isolde engine is the best way to run this deck, it enables Extra link Firewall Knightmare nonsense.

Sharky says:

I want Danger! Mongolian Death Worm!

king z says:

What is the website is he using to make this deck profile

Manuel Ciancarella says:

does domeone know when this cards are coming on ygo pro ?

Richard Welch says:

Eh, cyber Dragon are better.

Dylan Haftings says:

Loving the variance on what you cover on your channel. Keep it up.

Jed Fein says:

This archetype seems to be similar to fur hires, only activating in the hand; I know it’s not really played in the tcg but in duel links fur hires are pretty good at destroying an opponent’s board with no real end goal either, besides maybe a dyna lock

Alpha97 says:

ikr knightmares gave a slight boost to dw while nobody was paying attention to them

Pcwiz says:

I was excited for the danger archetype, but the prices kinda drive me away. I am, however, really excited about the Crusadia archetype. It has the potential to OTK your opponent like nothing.

DexterityYT says:

Ok so if your cards have no effects on the field than why not run skill drain? Too bricky or stops your extra deck maybe?

Raistlin Paar says:

Imagine a Danger! card that has a foolish burial esk effect when discarded.

tim5fl says:

Too bad they’re an enDANGERed archetype since they’re all short printed.

ラインジョ says:

Thanks for the video dude, these in depth deck examinations are really interesting and have definitely been helping me make better decisions when deck building.

Dr.DuckQuack says:

I would play drag down to the grave instead of dark world dealings. It’s better for the mirror match

Mr Tobi1018 says:

So excited for Soul Fusion. Thunder dragons feel so similar to Dragon Rulers

sd sd says:

Literally everyone put them in Dark Worlds, even if Dark Worlds are pretty garbage

Xb8 says:

with speed duels becoming a thing in paper yu gi oh, will you play duel links more? i loved that content

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