*NEW* YuGiOh 2018 MEGA Tin Jaden Opening & Review!

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NotAWeeb Star says:

I’ve seen these in amazon and I thought about getting it but I bought some other stuff

Roy Bryant says:

I got a z ark to witch z ark is way better know that super poly is off the ban list

Guy Man says:

Honestly little upset that this tin barely gives any elemental hero cards

Anyone recent packs to get elemental heros

Kevin Serrano says:

What’s the name of the outro song?

Preston Neuendorf says:

Is that yugioh forbidden memories background music I hear? Haha

Carlton Gibson says:

The disappointment when he pulled the vendred chimera

Andrew Chang says:

I got Borreload Dragon, Hey, Trunade, and Evenly Matched

Kingly Dagon says:

Am i the only one that noticed that the background music is from YuGiOh! Forbidden Memories for ps1. great game you should all play it.

Dylon Cade says:

I can’t believe zarc is in that tin

KasheMoneyRemix says:

Promos r kool but set sucks

scrubz yt says:

My names jaden to and I like yu gi oh first and gx also

GeeksNotFreaks says:

Got a case of these bad boys coming soon to open up on my channel too! nice vid SU!

Charley ortiz says:

my little brother got firewall dragon!

gopal gurung says:

Good work

The OG Derpy fox says:

Stop trying to sound cool

Howard Kim says:

Hey simplyunlucky congrats for the intro man!!! Also if you want my number its 7143364765 plus you could get buy my yugioh favorite card decks and favorite cards if your lucky you could amazing cards!!!

m rodri says:

Just fyi, if you’re a casual player and don’t care about the meta/ just seeing this and thinking it has anything to with the characters on the tins this is not even remotely worth it. I’m just starting to get back in to yugioh after a few years away, saw these and bought them. Got absolutely nothing I care about and after looking at the set list the only cards in this that have anything to do with E heroes or junk/stardust or the era’s of the characters depicted are the promos. Everything else is solely for modern/meta decks. I’m sure I’m stupid because it’s a mega tin and not a character collection whatever but either I’m not happy I bought this at all. The only kind of cool thing is there’s a new poker knight card but it’s a link summon monster. And from what I’ve read it’s not even worth it for meta decks. Definitely completely killed my enthusiasm about collecting again.

Combat Crafter says:

All I got was end of the world

KasheMoneyRemix says:

Lol y u changing the names

Davethebrave 47 says:

I also pulled a fire wall dragon and the skull dread card

marjorie A. mella says:

kiko kuliao

Chandra Baker says:

Its a shame Firewalls banned now

MasterxBillb0 says:

love that forbidden memories OST

XxSkill ZorxX says:

You made me re watch all of yugioh xD

Hugo Lännholm says:

is it guaranted to get a solid soldier?

hunter001ish says:

Great video nice cards!

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