NEW Yugioh Cyberse Link Structure Deck Opening & Review – New Cyberse Link Monsters!

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Here is my Yugioh Cyberse Link Structure Deck Opening & Review. What other openings do you guys want to see in the future? I hope you all enjoy the video!
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Hector Dubon says:

I promised myself that after the Legendary Dragon decks, I wouldn’t buy another Yugioh product, I hate running out of money, but since the anime is getting good and Cyberse is looking really fun to use, i think I’ll pick up the starter and structure decks

Cooked Karambwan says:

Those Duel Link ad could be nice for Token

Legendary Uber says:

Id it out yet or did you get it early

Spirits 2024 says:

Why is cosmic cyclone so hype but Mysyical space typhoon isnt?

Nicholas marquez says:


Jordzyi 1 says:

Tbh I prefer original Yugioh

The Snox says:

Gonna pickup 3 of these

ben stubbski says:

For once you get better cards in the English than the Japanese

Domingo Polanco says:


Team Millennium says:

3x cyberse structure deck profile?

Gamerkid YT says:

Awesome playmat cyberknight

Gustavo Silva says:

Is link easier then any other summoning

I'm Demolecularize says:

If someone could be very kind enough to tell me how much the new structure deck costs? Thank you and have a nice day.

Spiral of Sound says:

Having to think were to put your monsters just makes this game worse…(talking about link monsters) im barely able to keep up with all the effects…and now this…sometimes i try these cards out in ygopro and i barely even understand whats happening…
(Well not links though but that spiral phantasm deck…damn so many things…or that burning abyss…ugh its horrible makes my head hurt….i miss the old days…i just keep an eye for cards that resemble the old days…simple fun effects)
In real life i would forget and be totally confused

Farmer Chris says:

Make a cyberse deck profile soon

Jay Upadhya says:

The Konami crew youtube channle is having a giveaway for this Structure Deck and Random starter Decks it is the offical channle from Konami could you make a video about this CyberKnight?

Qin da Chen says:

Do a 3x cybvers link
And a
Cybvers deck pls!!!

ThatTransChickPlays says:


JustARandomChannel ThatCommentsEverything says:

I have a question for all of you: what is your favorite monster type: Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum or Link? My favorite is Xyz

Spiral of Sound says:

That mat has a token counterpart…kinda

Rodge Granado says:

Cyberknight can you show us your own deck and collections pls..

Keair Rose says:

Yes so cool I like to see the Trickstar structure deck someday

Capricorn 1 says:

Plz do another plz print video

Legendary Uber says:

I bet konami started watching cyber knight and boom cyberse monsters were created. Makes sense to me.

laackj says:

is it me or is this the first time that we haven’t got the main characters ace monster in a deck ??

Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! & Weiss Schwarz Channel says:

Very good.

Going Off Topic says:

I just bought a display box of these, well chuffed

king muizz says:

Damn that was loud…nearly ripped my eardrums lol

Arnold Galang says:

is it just me or does new yugioh cards look small

Brian Le says:

*checks Amazon preorder status*
Hmm package comes between November 8 and 13.
*looks closer*
*runs to the door*

twisterblue6464 says:


Saiess Chousin Arches Eripmav says:

Not calling first cause that’s for kids. XD

Pxl Ninja says:

This is completely unrelated, but what seller would you get any sleeves or playmats from?

Pat Reilly says:


i think we're brothers says:

So you finally gonna build cyberse

arsia says:

sad that they replaced some cards the ocg had in it, like solemn strike or the light and dark dragons :/

Jerico Valmonte says:

What’s your number 1 favorite structure deck?

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