NEW! Yugioh Lair of Darkness Structure Deck Opening & Review! Is It Worth It?

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Here is my Yugioh Lair of Darkness Structure Deck Opening & Review! Is this structure deck worth buying? What other openings do you guys want to see in the future? I hope you all enjoyed the video and let’s see if we can get 600 LIKES!
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joseph abbazia says:

Honestly I don’t care if it’s really insanely viable but I can’t wait to pick up a few of these and combine it with my Vampire deck .

Noir Rosé says:

It’s Gates of the Underworld all over again.

Akashic K says:

Emperor of Darkness version 2018???

CyberseKing101 says:

Cyberknight Can you do a Budget deck profile on this? I’m thinking of building a new deck.

hamid hafezi says:

please read the effects of the better cards

Diegov Imaki says:

Should i get the deck?

PShane Tju says:

I don’t know why but utopia still stays in my heart and I haven’t watched vrains fully yet.

brandon lee says:

Yo Cybernight I notice you don’t have the 876543 numbers thats actually pretty nice lol

Andrei Vamesu says:

Hi, I’m from Romania and I’m watching you on YouTube, and I’m passionate about this game and I’d like an impressive collection like yours,Good luck with the channel

Salvador Perez says:

What happened to your thumb you okay?

I can't th1nk of A b3tt3r name says:

$35 for me I always buy sleeves and a deck box for my new decks

Ruka Kazami says:

Go on yugioh wikia new number
Number 75

Traitors Everywhere says:

fun fact: Diabolos is the Greek word for Satan and it is the first name he went by starting his career 😛

Infinitecamoman 1874 says:

Got this deck for 8 instead of 10

The Red Cow says:

i’ll buy 2 of this because i’m going to make a counter fairy deck with lilith and lair that is amazing

J.C . 1394th says:

dude I just openend of mystery power box and ended up getting that foolish burial goods secret rare from the Raging Tempest booster pack

Mage of Ancients says:

All I can say is I’m determined to find a way to counter this Deck in case it does become as meta as the Monarchs were. I’m up to the challenge.

JT Woiewucki says:

Ah, Star Wars day.

Mettemeres says:

This deck is lit. Giveaway it to me ma dudeee.

andrew singh says:

wow…this deck is op

Jose Gonzalez says:

Reminds me of the Dark World monsters

trewerd says:

I effing need this deck

G3 Duel Monsters says:

Keep up the good work Cyber Knight.

_Rapture_ says:

Well i got 3 for 18€ so i guess it’s overpriced in America xD *btw i live in Germany check out cardmarket there you can find 3 for 6€ each 🙂

RipeJourneyman 24568 says:

They forgot beast King barbaros

Joseph says:

I wish they would give you some gems or something from that little Duel Links ad. So awesome that Konami sent this to you, wish they sent me the newest structure deck for free 😛 But in all honesty I’m hyped for this deck. Loved the original, hoping this one lives up to the hype!

Jay says:

Just wondering, can anyone tell me if the lair of darkness field spell can activate (on my opponent’s turn) whenever I activate the trap card grinning grave virus (on my opponent’s turn) in order to tribute one of their monsters for the grinning grave virus effect??

Shiobock says:

I can’t wait to run 3 lair of darkness in my DM deck, definitely putting Pallidum at 3

Gus61411 says:

I was the 666th like lol

Billy Wyatt says:

That’s a really good deck

Star Wars Advance says:


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