*NEW* YuGiOh Legendary Duelists: White Dragon Abyss Box Opening & Review! Zane is Back!!

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Duelist Pack Legend Duelist 3 OCG Japanese Unboxing

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Discord Name : Buccia

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i am the hero PrimalFlash

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my discord username is essayer #7239

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Xalo Fight says:

yo quiero por favor espero conseguirlo 🙂

Mighty Pooter says:

Discord @ MightyPooter <3

Daniel Nalin says:

Discord name: Subscroof .
I really want some OCG cards

Great Dane says:

I have been LOVING the Forbidden Memories OST in the past few videos! Keep up the great content!

Reiko Suave says:

Discord: Reiko#4383

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#6842 😀

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Hello dragon1701 here

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Love the Video my dude. Discord name, Frijol7

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My Discord name tis be “quackster”, with a capital ghostrick spook 😛

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Discord Name: Stormsraven#5526

Austin Allen says:

Hey guys keep up the good work. Discord is Azazaharah

James Skeggs says:

My Discord name: Skeggs

David Dolancic says:

i’d to have chaos dragon:Dacko555

That-Guy-There says:

That background music though


Great unboxing! Can’t wait for this set to hit state side

My Discord: JEWUNIT

catarino ocegueda says:


Hamon240 says:

Hamon240, liking the cards in this box, cant wait to add some of these to my Blue Eyes, Cyber and Photon Decks

Matthew Mann says:

matthew mann #0257

loved this video but y the abyss actors I still cant figure that out but cant wait for the new blue eyes white dragon support cards

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NBRedGaming says:

NinStaCast is my discord

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Krazy893 says:

Any more booster box battles to come? Or maybe the character duels? I love those

naitemer says:

Discord name: Naitemer

Keep up the awsome work, been a sub since forever now 😀

maybe, just maybe more jp boxes? 😛
would love though

Drew Smith says:

Discord name: Drewski

Matty Pool says:

another epic video bro…i like the art they have on them..keep going brother..

White Privilege says:

discord name: Late term abortion

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Discord name is firepokachu

Scott Abbot says:

Discord Name: “Insubordinate Lazanya”

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yo quiero por favor quisiera tenerlo mi nombre en discord es xalofight gracias

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