*NEW* YuGiOh Legendary Hero Decks Box Opening & Review!

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Enderium says:

Legendary Hero Decks, possibly one of the coolest products to be honest. If it was ONLY heroes then it would only really be targeted at hero players, which is kinda bad considering you don’t want the other players to feel left out in a way? Have Phant and Nords in there is pretty cool, a bit for almost everyone nowadays ;^)

Gerry Zandarski says:


Rachel Omoyayi says:

Legendary hero decks are awesome

The whit boi show says:


Zachary Willett says:

Lengendary hero decks

Prajwal Joshi says:

I wish Dark Rebellion and Requium were ultra. Btw the intro and outro for this video were really good #LegendaryHeroDeck

Rafa Lopez says:

Legendary Hero Decks 😀

Jason Timberwolf says:

Will you be doing duels between these decks? Legendary Hero Decks?

Ryan Blackston says:

I’m going get that new yugioh hero box’s

Brandon Watson says:

Imo the Legendary Hero decks set is really cool. I havent played since GX and Im considering making a return. Love the vids man.

JustJack says:

Dam the LEGENDARY HERO DECKS seems awesome!!

John 15HD says:

I love the legendary hero decks there are very cool

Kiki Lucko says:


Silver Wind22 says:

Legendary Hero Decks this is the first time i am interested to get back into playing irl

DHHD says:

Legendary Hero Decks

Robert Evans says:

5ds was easily my fav Era of yugioh. And the new Nordic stuff being released in Legendary Hero Decks makes me super excited!!

Jowahotz90 says:

Love your vids Roman! Legendary Hero Decks!! oh baby!

Sebastian Trejo says:

These are nice, but I agree, Legendary Hero Decks should’ve had an Elemental Hero deck

Fatima Akbar says:

Legendary dragoon decks thx even if i dont get it oh and good luck with your shop! 🙂

Ryan Blackston says:

I love though hero decks

Itachi Uchiha says:

Konami needs to do better in naming their product. The title Legendary Hero Decks is very misleading.

2023chaos says:

Legendary hero decks seem awesome and great for budget deck building

Retroxstalgia says:

Legendary hero decks!

Jeffrey Liu says:

Hopefully I will get a legendary hero deck

Carlton Gibson says:

Right I really want the legendary hero decks

Rene Ramirez says:

The legendary hero decks are so nostalgic been a while since Nordic received support

Greg Savacool says:

Lol, I think I’m the only one who was delightfully surprised by the ultra rare dark hole, mainly because I know that’s the deck my friend is gonna pick when I’m gonna play with him to relearn the game, and dark hole has always been a meme between us ever since we played forbidden memories and we’re darkholing every amazing monster we fusion summoned against one another. It was like “Oh, you just fused 3 blue eyes together? WELL I HAVE A DARK HOLE!”.

Christopher Kurzawski says:

legendary hero decks looks amazing, my personal favorite deck is the nordics, then phantom knights, and last but not least destiny hero

Phillip Warren says:

It’s time to duel with the legendary hero decks!

Random Uploads says:

Legendary hero decks

Fixed Battery Inc. says:

Wow, crazy how you can buy the Legendary Hero Decks on SimplyUnlucky.com, this really is a unique type of yugioh review channel that even sells the decks and boxes

Aaron26262 says:

legendary hero decks would be a really cool way to get back into the game.

Fatima Akbar says:

Quantum mech in here there POWER RANGERS!!!

Melanie is me :p AndThomas says:

What is your favorite LENGENDARY HERO DECK?

Conduitt says:

Wasnt expecting that intro music god damnn

eZ mäh says:

I think the Decks are pretty good but the destiny Heros go none new cards and they could support ritual decks becouse they are completly out of meta and should get support

Ismael Garcia says:

I think they could’ve done better honestly of the Legendary Heros Deck but still pretty good. I hope to see GX and 5D’s boxes soon!

YoruZeruel says:

#LegendaryHeroDecks FTW Greetings from Latin America!

Patrick Waters says:

I love the nordics because of my background these legendary hero decks are what I’ve been waiting for!

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