New YuGiOh Link Summoning Technique Explained! .The Rules have Changed. OH BABY!!

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Pickled Cactus Productions says:

Anyone actually follow these rules, whenever my friends play we just don’t use the link rules

xyzHero says:

Well one good thing about this new change is and it slows down the process of mass summon extra deck monsters to the field.

Justice Olivo says:

They should’ve jus stopped at xyz summoning

Goku Black says:

Konami got tired of the rules getting screwed….so they made more rules

Lilly DarkRose says:

i hate theses links i am synchro player

Jose henriquez skate4life says:

I like duel links lol and cards

matthew tonna says:

life points should be 10,000

silly music says:

And what happens to that link monster because they Cannot be in defence mode

Matthew Worden says:

Question: when using other Link Monsters as material do they also have to match the conditions of the card? For example can Missus Radiant (Link 2) be used to Link Summon Gouki the Great Ogre (Link 3 with 2+ Gouki Monsters) even though it’s not a Gouki monster? I’m getting back into Yugioh and want to learn as much as I can about Link Summoning.

Rafael Grijalva says:

Ill still try to get my Exodia out! lol

Joseph McMaster says:

After this yugioh duel monsters should stop making new rules now and just make new cards

Chris Goldup says:

The FATAL flaw I see with this is whichever player acquires the extra zone first always wins, because there is only a SINGLE extra monster slot for both players and my guess is that only if a link monster is destroyed by battle can the extra zone be occupied by the other player (correct me if you know otherwise.)

I agree some things needed to be slowed down, however almost stopping most decks except for either pure LINK or very strategic decks is taking it a step too far in my opinion.

Andres Rodriguez says:

Can summoner monk be used for link summoning

Triangle_Pants says:

but can you overpay (ex treat 2 Firewall as 1 each and make Proxy, even though that’d be stupid)

Eric Lane says:

I was a huge synchro fanatic, but i quit some time ago because there was too many archtypes and decks learn about. Im on the fence with link summoning. It makes the game slower and easier to learn about decks, but at the same time, i was a heavy user in synchros. Guess if i return to yugioh, i’ll go back to orginal series ideas like exodia

AClass360 says:

The main problem i find is that it changes the game so much just like when pendulums were introduced.
We have gone from a very simple layout to adding random stuff when it is not necessary.
Konami should of simply added some rules to stop the annoying decks we all have faced, but fixing it by adding completely new mechanics which changes almost everything in an instant is over the top.

I wonder how much money the cards are going to cost.
Thanks for reading!

Camillus Survivalist says:

Anybody else flooded there oppents field with monsters and OTK’d them?

Unknown of the unknown says:

I feel like yugioh made it harder to summon more than one extra deck monster unless you have link monsters. I only have synchro monsters so it is hard for me to make good combos.

joey barnea says:

alright 2 things you did not touch. 1 no more quasar plays with this format quasar has been banned you have to get lucky for a quasar play and any other big monster that requires multiple extra deck monsters to summon. 2 pend monsters summoned by scale are now extra deck monsters. meaning you can only summon 2 pend at a time 1 from the extra deck and normal summon from your hand. they did away from the infinite wall pend summoning had.

Nathan's guitar covers and gaming. says:

Can post a video when it comes out how to play it I’m more a visual person.

Alchamistoh says:

I like the idea of making it harder to summon extra deck monsters but this link thing is awful it’s so bad. also I wish they would bring Yugi back.

GolSil2468 says:

Not going to take bullshit that has the fucking gall to demand you have to buy this shit to even use your cards from an already infuriating anti consumer piece of shit like Shitnami that’s done nothing but ungratefully piss off its card game and video game markets and refuse to even allow, let alone give a damn about, any customer feedback?

Play YGOPRO and do not hesitate to spread it or encourage the exact same from anyone else. Shits try to D&C? Make another one and say to fuck off with more lost sales.

Best Regalia413 says:

Imma give this one a chance when my friends say I summon azure eyes I’m like you can’t summon that then he says I ritual summon paladin of I interrupt can’t do that either than rage quit

scott hall says:

I like the new link mechanics

TheDiaryOfAnOxymoron says:

Konami should just limit the turn player to one special summon and one normal summon per turn. This is the BEST way to slow the game down, get rid of the spam, and still allow for all current cards to be used.

Toon De Maere says:


Skull thunder says:

why did people hate on xyzs and synchros

president of daikaiju says:

I’m dislikeing NOT because I didn’t like the video I’m dislikeing to tell Konami that this is fairly stupid

Ashton Miller says:

I appreciate your input and overview of link summoning it helped me understand this new mechanic a lot better. I know you said you liked it/thought it was interesting. Personally I very much hate it for one reason. My deck for the last 4 years has been shaddolls and even after broken deck after broken deck and the banning of construct I kept my shaddolls because i have a bond with them. With this link summoning I dont know if I can continue my shaddolls in this format and its depressing me. If you have any suggestions for how shaddolls could still live Id appreciate any advice for it.

King says:

Rip to shooting quasar for life

Apollo DA says:

So you can only use 1 special deck card at a time ?

Ariel Gomez says:

alrighty then ojama ground collapse it is lol

Hayden Grice says:

I will never use those rules

silly music says:

Could book of moon target link monster

ShadowKingLegette says:

So basically the game has went from spamming 5 monsters in one summon to “u no quasar anymore”….

BJJGarage says:

good explanation of the concept of link summoning

Sasuke Uchiha says:

I quit yugioh bc of these new rules

YTDJEnder Vlogs says:

The new link summon is stupid

Justin Irizarry says:

my gandora deck is going to be so powerful because of this new rule now

DB6195 says:

If I were to use a card to move Link monster to a non-extra zone, is it destroyed?

Ricky Watson says:

It won’t neccasrily slow down swarm decks

Johnell Giusti says:

Is it just me but I really like this changes!

Option 69 says:

Hah! My Monarch spam doesn’t need an extra deck! Jokes on you!

ShadicBro B. says:

so link summoning applies for the extra deck. My question is, can you still special summon normally like usually through the game before this new rule, or do you need to use the Link summoning for special summoning with your monsters that are not part of the extra deck?

The TZ says:

But why do they have arrows on the top ? Aren´t they useless or do they do something on the oponents field?

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