NEW! Yugioh Seto Kaiba Majestic Collection Review | New Playmat, Portfolio, Sleeves, & Deck Case

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Here is a video over the new Seto Kaiba Majestic Collection accessories. We have a Kaiba playmat, portfolio/ card binder, card sleeves, and deck box. What do you guys think of these? I hope you all enjoyed the video and let’s see if we can get 600 LIKES!
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Cooked Karambwan says:

im waiting for kaiba corp stuff

Redneck Cast says:

Kaiba. *ALWAYS* . Provides.

vernando karamoy says:

i loved your blue eyes deck, do you sell them?

Ryan Jonsson says:

Still waiting for a legendary signers decks collection

coolkage the 4th says:

I loved the video the kiba collection is pretty cool they should do a lancers as well as signers but I love the video again and please keep it up

Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! & Weiss Schwarz Channel says:

A lot of great Kaiba merch right there.

theBlackNewtype says:


Water Warrior990 says:

Can you show us your deck

Cory N says:

I’d like to get some of the new Kaiba Corp sleeves they announced recently are finally being imported.

Jaime Banuelos says:

I must get this one day.

AstrosGamer says:

Wish these playmats had the card zones on them. Would be useful for new/returning players

ToewsToKane says:

I have the sleeves and the deck box! Need the rest for sure! Awesome brother!

Juan Armando Nogales Ritchie says:

Do a review on the altrnative playmat of the 20 aniversary

WOLLIP says:

I wonder when we’ll get the blue eyes artwork with kaiba in it

Kevin Jiang says:

Cyberknight went down the floor

Micheal McLellan says:

I mean magic sized dragon shields

Michael Dellinger says:

I like Seto Kaiba my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh card is blue eyes white dragon

Neptune Heart says:

Damn they look fresh

Nathan Jacobson says:

I need that binder! Right now im using a regular binder with pages meant for mtg cards lol

Kelvin Maldonado says:


Dale Sacksteder II says:

I pre-ordered everything on ebay, just go everything in the other week

Christopher Bouska says:

I got all of these and I am so happy with all of these products! Mine came in the mail yesterday.

Frogos mcduck says:

pretty sure London drugs store sells the play mats

TamMyBoy says:

give it to me.. KAIBA!!!

RedFlameKnight says:

Awesome opening Cyber!! Keep up the great work!! Been a fan & been watching your videos since 2011 ! Have a great weekend!!

Ryan Jonsson says:

Anyone else wants a legendary signers decks yusei fudo jack atlas and crow hogan any takers

Leng Thao says:

Well i can confirm that you can find the “kaiba sleeves” at target. I bought mine there. I have not seen one at walmart yet.

jason stricklin says:

That is an amazing mat
If I had the money I might try and get this
Of course I already got 2 imperium duelist mats but a kaiba one would be nice as well

Ryuknick says:


VITOR gameplay says:


WerewolvesLycans says:

tournament legal sleeves? there are illegal sleeves?

KasheMoneyRemix says:

Isnt this a reupload?

Fred Carls says:

Cyberknight come hop on my lap baby, I wanna be in you

Danger! Yu-Gi-Oh! Channel says:

that mat looks absolutly amazing. when i was preordering all of this at my local OTS shop, the suplyer ran out of the binder as i was placing my order. made me sad. i didnt even know the mat exsisted eather. – Danger!

Kai Crow says:

Thanks man this was dope I was looking for the rest of collection i didn’t know it had a playmat even

Ps3Nindo1 says:

im tired of yugi/kaiba BS, i just want 1…1 thing for my girl Aki. C’mon Komoney

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