*NEW* YuGiOh SHADOWS in VALHALLA Box Opening & MASTER Set Review

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Steven Hall says:

I doubt the giveaway is still going, but #SimplyVIP

Cryptonaire says:


Jason Strudwick says:

Ever since I started watching these videos, whenever I’m about to climax with my girl I spontaneously yell out KAIBAAA!!! #SimplyVIP

Mimek Shadow says:

i love your content, i love your channel, i love your personality hands down you are my favorite yugituber

Spyros Mihalitsios says:

Crazy Opening like always ^^ really cool set #SimplyVIP

Niko Stabekis says:


Anonymous Sub says:


Jonathan Plante says:

Hi Roman my name JONATHAN I love your YUGIOH opening boxing cards

Γιαννης Θεοδωρακης says:


KasheMoneyRemix says:

Can i have a chaos neos plz roman?

ronan alvarez says:

The elemental heros neos meme just kill me every time

Omar O says:

New sub think I watched all the vids #simplyvip

Salty Peanut says:

Love ALL your vids #SimplyVIP

George Kostov says:

The only card I need from this set is Cyberdark Impact!….and also some Twin Twisters

James Pappas says:

Just pulled an aleister and an Ash blossom from the the first pack I opened this is awesome.

Blake Parthenay says:

Hey Simply, thats a new elemental hero there, elemental hero neos. just so you know

Kimberly Johnson says:

God cards are the best #simplyunluckyvip

Drizzometry says:


Carlos Pena says:

job well done keep doing what your doing. #SimplyVIP

Random Persona says:

It always fun to watch these and see what you can pull. #SimplyVIP

Bryce L says:


MrRalph789 says:


Negative zone 1 says:


ahnaruto says:

Exodia Obliterate all bad packs

Arkham Knight says:

How much would a secret rare Ninja Grandmaster Saizo be worth?

Sergio Muro says:


BH Games says:


Arkham Knight says:

I pulled a secret rare Aleister the Invoker Of Madness and Aleister The Invoker. Both secret rare, from the same pack. Have had them for over a week and never knew the worth

PopplioPresents says:

I love the invoked cards in this set

Kolemyn Poole-Wyman says:

Assblossom & joyispring is one of my favorite cards !!!!

Darren Seeby says:

My man!! #SimplyVIP

Glenn Koh says:


Gunnar Wagner says:


Mad cnt says:


Mr. No One says:

Great to see some gx reprints. #SimplyVIP

Immortal Blue says:

Dragunity vagina?!?!?? Lol

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