*NEW* YuGiOh SPEED DUEL Starter Deck: DUELISTS OF TOMORROW Opening & Review!

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Taymur Taj says:

Hey can you duel with speed duel starter deck

PhobiaDeimos says:

Where the hell is b skull dragon?ugh the pal o mine a zataion would work freakin perfect combo to bring summoned skull out for it

christian reyes says:

It’s like duel terminal I guess

SimplyUnlucky says:

WHATS UP GUYS! More SPEED DUELS with KAIBA.. and Friends.
Let us know what you think about this starter deck in the description below!
An Introduction to SPEED DUELS video coming very SOON! OH BABY!!

Matt Eru says:

Cool and all, but I’d stick with duel links and play the ‘real’ Yugioh, too. No speed duels for me lel

BackToYu-Gi-Oh! says:

Could you please do
Yugi vs Kaiba
Pegasus vs Joey
Ishizu vs Mai

Yugi-Shard of Greed
Ishizu-The Golden Apples
Kaiba-Champion’s Vigilance
Joey-Fusion Gate
Mai-Amazoness Village

DJGaming co. says:

Your channels grown so much in like the 4 or 5 years I’ve been watching you

Red Gundam Ranger says:

My main issue with speed dueld that you can only use those specifically marked speed cards only which I think is dumb considering that all of those cards are just reprints now if it was something like Link monsters which require a different monster Zone that’s one thing but reprinting cards like blue eyes Dark Magician harpies (and so on) cards that literally everyone else has multiple copies of only for those specifically marked cards to be used during a speed duel for me is very dumb

Brennen Jelf says:

Interested to see if these take off. Ordered both from you yesterday to have at least.
I hope they do booster sets and make things truly rare, no reprints, etc. We’ll see!

KasheMoneyRemix says:

U mean trap card right

metroidman75 says:

where does it say speed duel on the cards?

Kajin24 says:

So are there 20 cards per deck or 40?

Zade Snaeneh says:

Very nice intro simply unlucky.

Giant Mech forest soldier says:

This format looks like it’s going to rock!!!
Back to the duelists of the roses themed monsters, spells and traps!!!!
More OCG vanilla imports please though!!!

WhiteRaven696 says:

I’m loving how much merch is featuring Mai on the packaging recently. It’s about time my favorite character got her due.

Johny Blasphemy says:

I hope that this speed duel dont go any furder, Yu-Gi-Oh is five monster, spell, trap zones

kepler620 says:

Hi simplyunlucky I can ask you a favor, you could extend your online store for all america pls, I want to buy and I can not, greetings from chile and I like your videos

FGC-Asuka says:

Simply my man, these intros are getting more and more elaborate by the second. No seriously, chill a bit perhaps?

Manuel Arturo Diaz Salazar says:

So, DL was just the way Komoney researched the viability of the speed duel format? Or someone just happened to realize the format is viable just from the popularity of DL?

Insane Mang says:

Xz summons was the tiping point on the derailing of yugioh. Should have stopped at synchro summoning.

Caleb Kebert says:

Hey Roman. For your next character duel, do you think you can do Seto Kaiba vs. Jack Atlas? That would be awesome, and keep up the good work!

Kris Houghton says:

I found a old dungeon dice starter deck what ever happened to that. It was only $5.00 at a salvation army.

Rougé Moonchild says:

nah yugioh is the truth seto is kinda a weirdo

wine04 05 says:

IF you just stream duel link on twitch it gonna be great

stevetheblobman says:

Genuinely kinda mad that Speed Duels got Amazoness Village before Duel Links did … Although in hindsight it would likely have made the Amazoness Meta even more unbearable than it already was.

Raven Sixx says:

Simply unlucky they should do one for marik Odion and yami bakura

Time Traveling Old Man says:

Why do they keep using that art for Blue Eyes?

Dave S says:

Dig the Forbidden Memories music.

Larry the killer says:

Has anyone else noticed that tyrant dragon looks like charizard

Shelly Fairbanks says:

i wanna see jou vs. mai! i loved their dynamic as characters in the show. but i know i’m probably alone on this one, so my second choice is jou vs. yuugi <3

Joshua Peralta Machado says:

Konami keeps shitting out the same decks over and over its tiring why do people still buy them?? Fuck konami

Keith Hudgins says:

Just Made a purchase from you guys I ordered 3 Cyber dragon Herz and a Cyberload fusion if you guys give out some kind of special gift or autograph of some kind to your fans that would be awesome to get with the cards as well

Pablo Atem says:

Hello, I have two questions: 1) How many skills I can use/actitivate per duel? I can only activate them during my turn? and 2) How many cards do each player draw at the beginning of the duel?

williamhowe1 says:


Lil Gremlin says:

So I’ve been out 9f the game since shaddolls gotmhit back when the new challengers set came out and quilhport ornwgatecer they’re called was a thing….someone please catch me up…now there blue cards?? What’s speed dueling??…is it worth getting back into the game or no??

James F says:

Speed duels may reignite my love of the game.

lucas Rozmus says:

duel links would be broken with joyes skill fusion skill, but i would have a feeling it would be more for jaden

yuya Sakaki says:


NuclearNugget says:

I just got both of those starter decks. What I think is great is that they added a Joey deck. You never see Joey decks. The only place is on Amazon, a Joey starter deck, and the Legendary decks 2, with a Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey deck, which on Amazon its like 160 dollars. Too expensive. Was glad to get Joey cards with a graceful dice, skull dice, red eyes, and time wizard. All the classics that Joey had. LOVE these cards.

Lil Gremlin says:

Would a gravekeeper deck be viable these days?? Or should I not waste my money??

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