NICE MASSIVE YuGiOh 1000 RANDOM Pack Opening Extravaganza! #5

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Eli says:

Do the Lalalalalalalalala – Little Kuriboh

Austin Dalton says:

First comment loving the videos

Will C. says:

allure queen deck vs. ultimate insect deck lol

Medusa v2 says:

10 packs a video? Tf

theoriginalnestor says:

I am on drrrrrrrogas haahaa

Batsmack says:

I like the archertype idea with Allure queen!
How about you make your own little format for this YouTube channel where’s it’s basically normal tcg but with 20 card decks? Or 30? It’s like speed duels minus the LP and the zone changes!
I think that’ll be neat 😀
So you can actually make a buyable deck against other same power decks like you said!

Chrisclimbsclouds says:

Archetype duels would be cool. 🙂

Austin Edwards says:

What’s the plan with these videos? I love them don’t get me wrong but you’re moving at a snails pace, especially with duelist packs which have very little cards in them. Wouldn’t mind if you sped things up a little lol, but keep it up love the vids

RW3ints says:


Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! & Weiss Schwarz Channel says:

I love random pack openings.



SimplyUnluckyTV says:

WHATs Up Guys!
PART 5 Here
Do you guys want to see some Vlogs of my trip to Japan?

Jack Hauber says:

here pretty early

Jerico Valmonte says:

Please vlog in Japan!

Liger ZeroX says:

I’m not complaining I love these vids, but man its going to take like 50 vids to open all those packs when his doing like 10 packs a vid, lol.

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