ONLY ONE PSA 10 IN THE WORLD!? | PSA Graded Pokemon & Yugioh Return

Today we’re back with some more PSA Graded returns featuring some classic Yugioh and Pokemon cards!

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Speed Demon says:

Team Zapidos

Xale Rokudo says:

I Am Team Espeon! I’m a psychic type trainer ironically Mewtwo and espeon were two of the reasons.

Joshua Goatley says:

Umbreon no doubt! One of my favorite card arts is that umbreon, the moon tho!

Chris says:

Warm Worm is a promo card from a Yugioh Video Game. Near Mint no grade is currently between $20-30. I wouldn’t expect more than $90-100 for a PSA 10 as the card had no real impact on the game, no significance in the anime, and wasn’t too difficult to obtain. If you’re going to grade yugioh cards make sure that they hold a heavy intrinsic value for collectors (like blue eyes, dark magician, and dark magician girl) and if possible make sure they are the versions that are the hardest to obtain. Sorry if that sounded harsh, I just want you to get the most of your grades.

GenieG says:

Umbreon’s wavey

Ally Hennessy says:

team Umbreon

jake Hester says:


Gabriel Casarez says:


StevenV98 says:

Team Umbreon!!! But also gotta admit out of those 2 cards I love the espeon more! But still #teamumbreon

3DTyrant says:

What do you (on a personal basis) do with your PSA graded cards? Do you put them on display, or do you have a special binder for them?

David Sanchez says:


Philipp Wenk says:

Umbreon…imo one of the best arts they’ve ever made…it looks just gorgeous *_*

MysticArcher3 says:

everytime you said even better in my head i “heard even further beyond”!!!

SportsFan JW says:

I’m wearing headphones. Wasn’t that bad. But we appreciate the apology nonetheless

thatguy youkno says:

Do you collect any ancient egyptian mew cards? I have 2 but their in terrible condition. Only way I understand what the card says is in the old Pokemon card game handbook it has a page dedicated to what it says

NDogg15 says:

Wizards of the Coast didn’t make the Japanese cards.

Author Unknown says:

List the card on Ebay for 10,000USD.

Gabriel 6a says:


Thomas Appel says:


YaboyKnux says:

Team Espeon, I’ve always favored a more vibrant color than dark.

Melow says:

Normally I like Espeon but that Umbreon art is fuego

swag kappa says:

I keep getting unsubbed from this channel

Thrifts and Tricks says:

i have one… what are u saying

MartinezPlays says:


ChaoMaster6 says:


Trainer PyzN says:

Umbreon <3

JC4 Cards says:

Team umbreon

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