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You guys have been asking for it, so here it is: our Yu-Gi-Oh collection, including cards, mats, binders, and more! We’re using Snupps to organize and share it. Join us and use it, too!
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AcousticMaster104 says:

Geaux Saints!!!

Miles Criger says:

your third baobaboon was on like the second page of the white binder

Chaos D. Emperor says:

Why not sealed boxes?

roblox cosplayer says:

Did anyone else see obelisk and slifer

Puzzle of king says:

hello, i’m from the future,2018 and i can say,MoNStEr REbOrN iS bAcK!

Bilog Miranda says:

Give them to me pls

Nick Lipsette says:

Tryna hit me up with that kozmo deck?

tyler reynolds says:

On the left

juanto tree says:

Richie le

Samuel Wickens says:

ebon high magician

Lizzy Billet says:

Awesome buddy

LavaEmerald says:


Manuel Garza says:

I want dark mijichan

Heero yuy says:

out of all the cards you showed,the only ones i hate you for are the anime poly’s

Paula Santiago says:

Hey can I ask a question here, can you enter a national by telling them your konami id number?

Kevin Hinojosa says:

Are you guys brothers or just friends?

Samy Elzaharna says:

can i have some plz

Idrankthemoon says:

So your favorite brand of Deck Boxes are Ultimate Gaurd. What about card sleeves? What brand of card sleeves do you guys prefer?

Hangry GD says:

Stealing the cookie from the cookie jar 6:07
Realizing your older brother was watching you the whole time 6:18

kenny gap says:

Sooooo, Alex doesn’t play raidraptors and frightfurs…… are they for sale???

APS Gamermen says:

I wish i would just grt a few yu gi oh cards but i cand affort it its 40 bucks to get a real deck and i cant afford them and my parents think its a waste of money

lw 2 says:

Shouldn’t this be sponsored by UG instead of Snupps

Jack Fine says:

you are trolling me so hard with all of the card of demise

Matthew Hill says:

“Hey Guys, Paul Here” So awkward

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