*RARE* YuGiOh Pharaonic Guardian 2003 Double Blister Pack Opening & Review! Nostalgia is Real

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SleepyWaffle says:

This guy looks/sounds like a crackhead.

Jack Meadows says:

Roman can you make gameplay videos on the classic yugioh GBA games like the Sacred Cards? It would be very interesting to see your commentary

Wayne Litzinger says:

Im calling it 3 super rares or ultra rares will be pulled next video

Mikey Hookins says:

Could you open up spell ruler?

Charlie Ziger says:

– say it again, Dexter…
– “Tortuga”
– Awwwwww!

joey williams says:

Hey in one of your video can you unboxe a duel disk

Andrew Mcreynolds says:

Hey I actually DO have a story about this set lol. This was actually I am pretty sure the first set I ever opened. I of course had the Yugi and Kaiba starter decks as a kid but this was the first pack I opened. I distinctly remember pulling Axe Mummy and Timeater out of that pack and just thinking they were so cool. This was also around the time I started getting into video games and one of my favorites at the time was Gauntlet Legends on the PS1 and so I would mess around with my action figures acting out that game. I would use Yugioh cards for the rune stones and skorne was always my summoned skull figure. I have a very distinct memory of being sent to my room and playing that game with my very few yugioh cards being used and I would always pick the coolest looking cards for the rune stones. Also another random story with this set, I remember I pulled an Ultra rare Don Zaloog out of this pack and one of my friends wanted to trade for it. But I really liked the dark scorpion monsters and I remember thinking “but he is the leader and I only have one of him! I can’t trade him!” So glad I didn’t because I still have that card to this day. So yeah very nostalgic set for me.

Luca S says:

Helpoemer! Favorite card from marik

Immortal RA says:

It would be nice if they decided to reprint the classic yugioh booster box’s

The Fun Weird Us 2 says:

I’m 1000 like

Danger! Yu-Gi-Oh! Channel says:

that was supper cool, even without a holo pull! – Danger!

xFlow777 says:

Why do ppl care about the rarity of a card? It has the same effect, common monster reborn does the same thing as ultra monster reborn…..

wyatt apgar says:

I enjoyed the video but just a heads up it seems lime. Like I said Seems like not that it’s true. But it does feel like the latest videos have been… Not up to par with what you usually put out such as booster boxes or even the marikk vs Pegasus decks going at it. When is that going to happen btw

Zane Bryson says:


Manal Ramadan says:

The eygiptian gods shall raise lol

KuronekoGTR says:

Hi, SimplyUnlucky, i love your openings videos but specially those where you pick Portuguese or Spanish, can you try to pick a Spanish Booster box next time? UNA CAJITA CON MUCHAS TORTUGAS! 😀 (Yup, im spanish (?))

YugiohTube says:

My heart hurt when you ripped the blister :/

Banana Milk says:

The nostalgia is real T_T

leftyndv10 says:

Really appreciate the editing of the prices in, really nice touch!

Sev BO says:

In my opinion this is such a underrated set!

Tobito says:

Roar I really want, but can never find a Reaper On The Nightmare.

Manuel Martinez says:

Hey Simply I was wondering if you were gunna to a opening for the Superstars booster box

Big Dog says:

Don zaloog and lava golem were some good cards from that set bro

Jack Mulcahy says:

Anyone know the music used ?

Steve Hernandez says:

Do a duel of yours and Alex favorite deck u have used so far, or have a draft of decks and make a tournament of it, that would be one Kaiba would enjoy to watch

thanh huyen says:

hi, let try to play this game, you can make your own Yugioh’s card easily http://bit.ly/2H76WJt
thank your video!

Zach Reese says:

Do you have any Labyrinth of Nightmare packs. I’d love to see some pack openings of those

John Rosales says:

Cool yugioh packs simply unlucky

Lime says:

Man that seems weighed.

Ahloveyafuhso says:

The card that marik used against joey is on the opening!

FrostDeezAKA says:

2:39 u just made my day LMAO

TCY TCG says:

Hey Roman! It would actually be pronounced as “Wahng-Hoo”, not “Waynegoo” 😀

I studied Chinese from 8th – 10th grade.

And I remember when my friend first used Wanghu against me back in 2009-10 (When I first started playing). I was so surprised that such a card existed. I didn’t know how to get over it, other than Lightning Vortex and 1900 beat sticks. Haha!

Do Not Pass GO! says:

This is my all-time favorite pack. I wish Konami would reprint it.

Ahloveyafuhso says:

To those who don’t know… non aggression area is very unrated. But seriously read the text of the card carefully now imagine a scenario where the opponent could survive by making a summon but can’t. How would you aim to win next turn?

Dark King says:

Swarm of locusts was the first card I ever got from a booster as a kid

omes12 says:

is it just me or did something seem off about Roman? he didn’t seem like his usual self. I hope everything is fine with you bro! KAIBA!!

Ricardo Cardio says:

It’ll be amazing to see some force of will on one of the channels.

Mark Pyttel says:

Hey simply, how about a deck builder series ? I would love to see some profiles

iX NiNJA says:

A Man With WDJAT love that card i use him in my deck well 3 of him lol his effect is so cool.. i use alot of spellcaster cards as Dark Magician of Chaos is my favorite i use Dark Magician and a spell card called Dedication throught light and darkness. there are soo many cards i love and so many i want my only mission is to get as many spellcasters cards as i can 🙂 and i do love other cards lol just a spellcaster fan. XD

MooseKnuckle says:

Yugioh needs to go back to the egyptian era at least one time again. I always loved all these dark creepy egyptian style cards

Ningengio says:

Ohhh man I remember buying one of these as well when I was 9 years old. Brought back some great memories again SU Thanks a lot 😀

Just bought myself some mystery box from a guy that wanted to get rid of his old Yu Gi Oh Cards for 50 euros, pray that I get lucky. 🙂

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