Reading Former Yu-Gi-Oh! Players’ Angry Comments

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Dark Star Gaming says:

Last night I went up against a guy that just had the biggest troll deck I’ve ever seen, he had 2 copies of each Kaiju, played Graydle’s just for the monster steal and the continuous spell for destruction, and then he has 3 copies of sphere mode and only 1 copy of Ra, he kaiju’d my Ultimae Falcon, he Kaiju’d my Cyber-Dragon Infinity TWICE and then he sphere mode’d any type of set up I tried to make, fuck that guy honestly

FloPe97 says:

Yeah i sure would love playing a format with 15 different, viable and consistent FTKs because there shouldnt be a banlist to keep this in check!

Amaterasu Okami says:

Is it just me or dzeeff lookin’ extra hot today?

Seth Hydra says:

Will you be reviewing TrapTrix in duel links?

Rebecca Reed says:

what counts as a former yugioh player?

Fauxpikachu says:

I wish I could FTK all these silly people saying banlists shouldn’t be a thing. “Why didn’t you use your counter-strategy? Where’s your unsearchable out?”

Darkness says:

Oh boii, get the Popcorn now! Dzeeff vs Commenters. Here we go!

Hobo Frodo says:

“People who want pot of greed banned and other cards for being too good are bitches”

“Pls ban synchros and pendulums they are too good”

Tristan Robinson says:

You should make a video for deck building tips, I’m not quite up to par with current Children’s Card Game. I understand the new mechanics of the game but I don’t really know what a modern deck should consist of.

KC Clark says:

Somehow I think if they printed a Spell Card that just says “You win the duel,” people would suddenly stop complaining about it not being legal. There has to be a line somewhere, and – even as an outsider, who only connects to the modern version of this game through your videos – it seems to me that Konami at least tries to put that line in a place that will promote deckbuilding and generally fun strategies, rather than consistent FTKs and everyone playing the same cards.

Amaterasu Okami says:

Is it just me or dzeeff lookin’ extra hot today?

Matthew Bendl says:

Commenters don’t understand that Dzeeff doesn’t understand memes

omar tarek says:

Yugioh is fun no matter what format you play in

millejoe001 says:

What if you play Yugioh and hate the game?

Darth_ Madara says:

my negative comments aren’t meant to be hilarious. they’re meant to be depressing. also I’m one of those ex-yugioh players.

Fatal Tendency says:

Field Spell Activated!

“Cherry Picker!”

Effect: Pick the easiest comments to debunk and create a smug response video. Gain 500 views per hour for the first 24 hours. Only activate once per week.

T K says:

omae wa mou shindeiru *NANI*

Carlos Corona says:

Wait until you try to explain prank-kids and how and why it won ycs Millan

vamp567 says:

You should make a “Commenters don’t understand the Ban List” video

Angel Ramirez says:

Any smash players here notice dzeeff lowkey looks like armada

Ekjot Singh says:

Next Video: Reading angry comments about dzeff reading angry comments.

Bastian Galleguillos says:

Commentators don’t understand the Ed Sheeran

Ricky E. says:

I’m one of those commenters. I don’t get cards made after 2012. Somebody please educate me.

Anadroll 50 says:

>says pot should be unbanned
>anyone who complains about OP otk enabling decks and cards is “bitching”
>bitches about almost every extra deck card beside fusions

Zak D says:

Oh man i remember that sleepy little elephant Gerf. I’m so glad I was there that stream.

Hobo Frodo says:

Nigga who dafuq gerf

TheSharpoint1 says:

I dare any of these anti-banlist people to try playing in an FTK format

Vilim Mikuš says:

Hello from croatia. 805.

Vinnythesoda says:

i think players also have a problem with the game because they WANT certain cards to be goof but they can’t or will never be. cards that have DEVASTATING effects but the conditions to pull it off are so hard that they don’t understand thats why the card is ass. if blue eyes chaos max dragon was a 4 star monster that you could just slap on the field of course it would be good. but thats why konami designed those BAD cards because if its a thin line between a card being garbage and OP

Murderus says:

Can you make like a 2004 or 2005 deck profile or a couple so you can show people how each deck had the same 20 cards in it? I think that would be really interesting

Glass of Milk says:

The mad lad actually bought the gerf shirt

Gregor says:

Personally, I dislike modern YuGiOh, mostly due to me dropping off the game right around Synchro’s, but love the videos on how/why cards are good/bad.

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