Reviewing Broken Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime Cards

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EndLessDream says:

remember kaibas crush card virus lol

MaskHero Zo says:

All the memes came to life here.

JURI 100 GAMING says:

After Glow is OP when it’s activated you can shuffle it to your deck. If you draw it in a Draw Phase your opponent takes 4000 (anime) the re-created version it inflicts 8000 damage(YGOpro)

DynamicUrufu. says:

If the cards dose have their anime affects than the ban list would be bigger that it is now.

Miyako Takajo says:

Does anyone else want a retrained set of the Egyptian God cards as an archetype and have support for each seperate God card?

C&M Punk says:

I wish Toon World had the anime effect

Luminous player says:

that random arrow that badly fuses mammoth graveyard to blue eyes ultimate dragon causing it to rot and lose attack power each turn. (now that was a stretch)

King Bakes says:

Dark paladin, kaiba vs yugi battle city semifinal. Paladin should of got 1500 atk for each blue eyes sent to graveyard in fusion

SaviorAssassin1996 says:

The cards in the anime are different?

An Inconvenience says:

The anime version of Sephilon is pretty fucking broken. 20000ATK beatstick that is pretty much immortal and can bring out 4 more 4k timelords with their effects intact.

mdudegamer says:

Stuff in the manga lately tends to be ridiculously broken too. Like, sometimes there’ll be a play I genuinely find interesting, but most of the time it just feels like asspulls over and over on both sides.

majinfreecell says:

When i was a kid I didn´t know english, so instead of reading what each card did I just thought that assumed that what they did in the anime was the real effect. Big mistake… XD

Jemar Catubig says:

Treasure from heaven nerfed so hard

Jeff Napoli says:

I miss og yu-gi-oh

cedricxentertainment says:


JoshuaDDales says:

All of these cards, if they HAD the anime effect, would be regarded as illegal cards.

LPFan says:

i dont get it,wouldnt magical mallet anime version being a dead card after the effect if it was once per duel?

Aric Ting says:

I think the anime effect of Number 23: Lancelot, Ghost Knight of the Underworld is also pretty broken.
Although it has only 2000 atk, it’s a rank 8 with the common Number effect of indestructible by battle except numbers.
“This card can attack your opponent directly. When this card attacks your opponent directly: Destroy all monsters your opponent controls with ATK equal to or less than double this card’s ATK. During either player’s turn, when your opponent activates a card effect: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; negate that effect.” So it can pretty much wipe your opponents monsters and then negate an effect multiple times per turn.

I think also Rank-up Magic: the Seventh One is pretty broken, in the TCG it was limited with the only-used-if-normal-draw thing, but originally it didn’t have that, so it was pretty much a one-card Chaos Over-Hundred Number.

Alex Ruiz-esparza says:

Areo shark’s anime effect was pretty good but got nerfed to fit in with bani-shark

Sebastian Tschatordai says:

Card of Sanctity

Jere Palkeinen says:

Ohh i know one mirror wall anime version its like canser

God of Dusty Depot says:

thw winged dragon of ra tcg is so fucking bad xddddd i remember first seeing its effect and just thinking wtf

Mishel says:

Just make ra undestroyable by anything but battle after it has been summoned and u spend ur hp [ non negatable]

Héxié * says:

One of cards that are worse in anime is Pair Cycroid

Stardust Motivation says:

Just give me Virus Cannon and Sky Stryker can suck my dick

b says:

Kuriboh should be in this video lol

ootdega says:

It’s funny to hear that healing effects are bad. I made a stall/heal/burn deck around 6 years ago and it drove people nuts.

I tried it out on the Xbox 360 game and got someone to rage quit when I hit *_one hundred thousand life points_* with three White Magician Pikeru and Solemn Wishes, and he realized he had 10 cards left in his deck.

Was it ultra competitive? No. But the most ultra-competitive guy who went to the tournaments I went to was so impressed by it that he asked to use it, and he had *FUN* with it. I repeat: *_A COMPETITIVE METAGAMER HAD FUN._*

Glitchmaster says:

I still play Ra in my Aroma deck (aRama anyone? xD). I can usually recover my LP enough by time my opponent gets someone destroy-y out on the field, and I do usually hoard my Rose Archers and Warrior Return for that moment. It’s primarily casual though since Dandylion is the one that helps the most to get Ra out…

dragonstormx says:

If we are talking broken anime cards, one that doesn’t get much attention if Fallen Paradise. Extra two draws every turn. The villain using it clearly wasn’t very good given that he lost despite it.

Lilly Beckham says:

You forgot graverobber card Amy allows you to bring one card back from your grave or your opponent’s grave but in the anime the only allows you to bring one from your graveyard but in the anime allows you to bring one bring one from either yours or your opponents

Bob is back, now with more saltwater says:

Ra. Trap Hole. Tears.

EndLessDream says:

card of sanctity aka the plot progression card

Plox says:

What how would Magical Mullet even work if it was once per duel, return it to the deck then draw again and you basically have a chance to get a completely useless card you cant use …

Greg Savacool says:

I would love to play a game where every card had the anime effect; it would be both amazing and frustrating lol.

ZacRyan777 says:

Toon world

Fgc Chbg says:

Mate Ra in D/D deck infinite LP with D/D/D oracle king darc with the forbidden dark contract with the swamp king

Mahdeo Beats says:

Do you play duel links???

Marco Menozzi says:

Are we ignoring the fact that the old guy from the anime version of cards of sanctity has a boner?

Lucky02 says:

I think anime Card of the Demise would be waay more fun if for 5 turns you couldn’t draw and then, at the 5th turn you had to banish face down all cards on your field and hand. That puts you in the condition of “I could draw 5 cards right here and now, but if I don’t beat my opponent in two turns and half I lose everything, and he might stall it”

Mikah Foster says:

wouldn’t ra’s sphere mode card and phenix form card wouldn’t make it half decent

Bryan Wegner says:

Winged Dragon of Ra’s anime effect probably has more words then the script of some anime episodes.

Otherworlder says:

The crazy anime cards are actually the most obscure ones. There was an episode in Zexal that introduced Tomatopult (tribute 1 plant for 400 burn) and Tomato Paradise (every time you summon a plant, get a plant-type tomato token). They don’t look like much, unlike the crazy draw cards from DM, but my god are those degenerate.

Crimson Demonia says:

I put Draw Muscle in my deck like a few weeks before I saw the Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Episode it was in and I was like:


M A IN I A C says:

And what is with Virus Cannon?

nemesis t3ddi says:

Good deal? That’s busted

Zen4real fight man says:

How about Pyramid of Light in the anime it destroys god cards in the TCG it just makes it easier to summon the Spinx monsters

Luqmanssj2 says:

They did give ra the tribute atk and def power in duel links

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