SEARCH for the GOLDEN Castle | YuGiOh Battle of Legends Relentless Revenge Box Opening

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Raven Of Shadows says:

I pulled the Golden Castle Of Stromberg in the very first pack on the right side of the box lol.

Alex Turton says:

An entire crate with NO golden castle? you could say he was “SimplyUnlucky”…. excuse the bad pun :’)

Demens VGC says:

41:03 I cried

Yoad CahalonX says:

“Yeah Let’s print another card from the original anime”>”yep but we need to nerf the shiet out of this one too”

Aeity says:

Is that YuGiOh Forbidden Memories that I can hear in the background? 😀

Anthony Digironimo says:

I pulled the Golden Castle of Stromberg in the second pack and I ordered one before this pack came out before the price was high.

SweeneyTodd1992 says:

Ok has his last few vids been super laggy for anyone else

SimplyUnlucky says:

Those of you that watch till the end are RELENTLESS #SimplySquad

MrNax90 says:

Not even Jace the mindsculptor was this hard to pull

MrNax90 says:

Wow, finally a video worth of his channels name. lol

raven234 n/a says:

Dude That’s bad not getting the golden castle but this is one of your better videos I loved how you could see him desend into madness after the seventh box I loved at right at the end when he just turns the camera off and walks off

hipopotomonstro says:

Hours have passed, I still hear golden castle in my head.

s15importFan says:

12 boxes and no golden castle rip lol

Raven Of Shadows says:

Ouch that video hurt my soul just watching it. Now i feel bad for pulling the golden castle of stromberg in the very first pack lol. I will sell you mine lol.

Dragon Of Something says:

Omg the very end

Collin Smith says:

Not gonna lie this video made me laugh my ass off towards the end especially when he said I need some salt

Crytica says:

The edits give the video an edge to it! Love it!
You don’t over do it which could be distracting or annoying.
Keep it up. Quality is improving with every video!

Minecraft Freak says:

where can i get the background music from?

Kal Staff says:

“Best card NA” had me dead hahaha ffs love you!!

CardinalGaming says:

That zoom in literally had me going in laughter XD

RenegadeRaida says:

7 ads? Talk about relentless.

Rap Salute says:

if i had money to buy 12 boxes, i wouldve opened 3, and if not gotten any, then just bought the castle as a playset

Aeon Titanis says:

@SimplyUnlucky I’m sorry my man, don’t think I quite understood what Orgoth the Relentless does, mind explaining it again for me? Also, I’m not surprised that the golden castle didn’t want to show itself since, well, Merlin was too busy showing his staff to the Princess and her evil stepmother to protect the golden castle from the Tornadoes and the Giant Sea Turtles. No matter how many phantom birds you threw at the boxes, your search was futile! Even though you did have many *MANY* dragons to guard said castle and such, it was all for nigh. gg my friend, gg. (Also, love the video, simply a masterpiece. even if you were; simply, unlucky with this case)

Glen Walker says:

Me and my friend pulled 2 Castles in 1 box… I’m sorry

Knighty ‏ says:


Matt Lindgren says:

You clearly don’t have the Midas touch

Xela says:

This is literally crazy. Great video man <3

Aarkan1000 says:

It’s funny. I got a box the same day this video was uploaded, my first one, and I got the Golden Castle.

Drivillian B says:

It kinda blows my mind they’d short print a card that bad for an archetype that’s not even gonna do anything in the meta.

Ex 25 says:

This was one hardest fight you ever had the edit on this video was funny

Rofa eSport´s Channel says:

Best opening ever hahaha ^^

DarkDragon__ says:

An hour in and lost count of how many boxes have been opened. It is ridiculous how short printed Golden Castle is.

Edit after finishing:


marek pasek says:

That pain in your eyes
What if konami didnt put it in just to tease and piss you off XD

Michael Jordan says:

Awesome that you used the Capsule Monsters soundtrack. Brings back memories

Jan Palko says:

Solemn strike worth 4.20?? Damn i gotta blaze some shit up for that card

TulioX says:


Blafischer says:

43 minutes in and i see no castle… well if you dont get it till the end of the video i’ll send you minde bro

AFCManUk says:

Dude,,,that is just ridiculous. 11 boxes and not even 1 Castle?? Something very wrong there, Konami!!

Christoph Reisel says:

Now I feel bad cause I opened only one Display and got one Golden Castle 🙁

LewShakey says:

Wow, 8 ad’s, Jesus SU. Makes me want to avoid the video

Fucc Boi says:

This moment when he starts making penis jokes

kyrix95 says:

It’s pretty simple, you were just unlucky

Dragon Of Something says:

You really lived up to your name this time xD

JackingBowl says:

i lost count. how many f*cking boxes did he opend?

Stuart Buckley says:

What happened with your giveaway of the Spell Ruler pack then mate

Rap Salute says:

kaiba wasnt with us today 🙁

Dragon Of Something says:

Most raw vid man

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