The Best YuGiOh Supplies You Can Get!

There are all sorts of the best binders, deck boxes, playmats and more that you can use to store and embellish your Yu-Gi-Oh (or other card game) collections! Here’s just an assortment of things we thought we’d share!

Find all the stuff in this video and more at these websites!
BCW Supplies –
Ultimate Guard –
Ultra Pro –
Wyrmwood Gaming –
Gravity Dice –
Inked Gaming –
Pirate Lab –
Legion Supplies –

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Fox Zero says:

Give us snacks!!

Matthew Burnett says:

In a way, he kinda looks like tyranno hassleberry. The hair does it.

robert mireles says:

Where do you go tournaments happen at

YoKiDoki RobloxTv/More says:

I cant afford any of that ;-;

Vash El Diablo says:

yo how much all that worth? thats a pretty penny.

THe "OFFiCial" K.A.M... P says:

Them dice boi. Ide fck with dice but I’d have some gold dice for no reason.(spellcounters,etc.)

Paul Sack says:

When youre on the go…
taking it slow..
And you see a bro…

That is the slogan for the bag

BabyMahdy says:

i’ll syncro summon colossal warrior! now that i have 30 warrior monsters in my graves he gains 3000 attack! bringing him up to 5800 now i activate raigeki and now my junk warrior attacks directly and my colossal warrior attacks for game

dragonizer gaming says:

I never thought I’d say this but that is the dankest mullet ever

lexter torres-rosas says:

Keep thinking that I’m not gonna pool up

The Restless Ant says:

im new to yugioh and so far have the monarch deck, jurassic deck, and soon will have 3 shoeboxes full of yugioh cards from my uncle before he goes off to florida, so i look towards this channel for info. so far i learned alot on building decks and playstyles

Mr. L says:

He failed to mention that the Pirate Lab backpack is $120.

TheBowlingfanatic says:

That backpack looks sick, but just went to their website and its $119! I don’t need a backpack that is that expensive. haha

jreaper2000 says:

You guys should do a video of your collections that you guys have. Like the yugioh decks that you guys have built and the binders and everything. Also it might be a good video if you guys haven’t done it already is a video about trading. Like if you guys already have a deck built and you don’t want anything what do you trade for.

Franklin Webb says:

Hey guys, quick question. I went to the Wyrmwood site to get a deck box. But can’t seem to find one with the dice holders. Am I passing something up? Would really like to try and buy one. They’re nice.

Pixuseru says:

*sees Grass is Greener in one of his decks*

Demon FromSun says:

Darn I was just about to go and buy that bag too. Sold out. That’s got me sad. Lol

Inked Gaming says:

We make a showcase binder that you can customize with your own art.

fighter tv says:

I so want that backpack and the binder

Goat YGO says:

where do i get my smartfood popcorn

slhuk hare 2 teh muhnadoo says:

Is it just because I’m in Canada, or are they not selling the deck boxes with the dice compartment any more?

Kirito 522 says:

no we will not give you snacks

MindTech says:


Joseph Leatherbarrow says: are these good value for money? I just wanna make sure before buying one.

pokemastersteven says:

YAA smartfood

StephyWephy says:

Thanks for your video 🙂 All your stuff is so aesthetically pleasing! It helped me get a few ideas for my man for Christmas.

THe "OFFiCial" K.A.M... P says:

I shouldn’t shake… Shakes it again..

Hanzo says:

I just realised you look like 50 cent

Yeaorm's't'd says:

My supplies are a
Paper playmat
Calculator ( math not special calls)

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