The Big YCS Chicago Meme Review!

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Oven says:

I’m curious on who is gonna do the meme clap next

King Leo Murph says:

Next banlist dangers gotta be hit. Too many people playing the engine and topping

Benedikt Wernicke says:

please farfa i need your ending song. i typed it into google but couldn’t find it u.u

McBobX says:

Econ in TCG? That is a Meme, lol

Hank Moody says:

Played “deck yourself out” turbo at YCS. Never decked myself out.

Dangers+darkworld draw cards+ draw spells

Max Power says:

Seems like Altergeist players didn’t use “Farfa5” to buy them pots.

Frog McRibbit says:

Not a meme channel

Max Fleisch says:

Calvin rocking a movado, i feel that.

Average Player3 says:

*U W U*

Kevin Juan Román Rafaele says:

This video was one of the best you have done, Farfa, excelent content. Also bald

marks3684 says:

@Farfa Who decided to turn Cyber-Stein into Guts Man?

scythermantis says:

11:15 Foot Fetish Farfa!

NeosXD001 says:

You technically can more than “one foolish” . you can play 3 Foolish Goods and 1 Foolish Burial :^)

kuken says:

that says 2 nessie you fucking clown

Hoang Phuc says:

there is no cyber stein

Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos says:

he only played 1 foolish 1 shrine, 2 cards with the same function though 1 being 1pt, it’s standard to play more than 1 shrine, so he said he only as opposed to 1 foolish 2 shrine, pedantic but you’re misrepresenting with a cut, I was smiling up to that point, now not, :sad clown face:

iFreezy says:

Prob one of the funniest ygo videos ive watched ahahaha

Saint Adrian says:

Really good video Farfa

Kwayke says:

Newly unlimited:


Eduardo Endara says:

Wow omg farfa and Spanish is the best combo by far

sleshstamp says:

From now on I’m going to refer to all meta decks as, “noodle soup”

Ceimsader says:

strikers made top 4

CubemasterXD says:

May i just have a moment to point out:
Ruffian Rail Car: 500 burn dmg, 1800 ATK => too op, no battle dmg if u burn
Gustav Max: 2000 burn dmg, 3000 ATK => here, lets give you a 6k ATK monster you can overlay onto him for a full 8kLP sweep

Bao Ho says:


wargros says:

“S’il vous plait”

stev4v says:

Best video this week hands down

iNuclearPickle says:


Hao Qin says:


Gowlem says:

Where did this furry meme come from?

Mr.NTR says:


Yeonwoo01 says:

I dont get why ppl call lunalight and orcust as ‘danger’ and not thunder dragons. Its like they did not use any danger cards at all.
P.S. Lunalights are a lit archetype unlike sky striker who are playing with 1 bitch put in different costumes. Slay them haters Lunas!

TubbyToadInc says:

i would be one of those 2 people, not because lunalights, but i want to be the guy who wins with an obscure wtf deck then disappear into oblivion

dimensional guy says:

farfa te fuiste a la chucha xd
pero el video estaba bonito a.a

TheMuskyChode says:

0/10 no Cimo clap at the end.

Bernardo Jordan says:

Farfa is just boneless glasgowygo

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