The Biggest Yu-Gi-Oh! Mystery Pack Ripoff

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Kevin Cude says:

The loose rare card that I got in those was tri-gate wizard and gumblar dragon

Clozic says:

Did you really disabled the sponsoring from TCG Player for this single video, just for telling people that they can buy the Legendary Collection at TCG Player without being sponsored by them in this specific video? There is no logo at the start of the video, that‘s why I‘m saying that ^^ I love this openings

ressezpbmonk says:

Skill drain is always a good pull at least.

Tibial Almond says:

Not a pack opening channel

Noah Rankin says:

I would rather get the soul fusion special packs over this, I would rather buy fusion enforcers, destiny soldiers and pendulum evolution over these legendary collection legacy packs

Ginnomkami says:

I think he was Trying to tell us something with this video… to buy this mystery packs !

Gumball7645 says:

I’ve finally figured out why they’re called mystery power boxes.
It’s because it’s a mystery that anyone is dumb enough to buy them.

AVR116806 says:

Bought 20 of these and only got 2 damn foils lol. These are for sure scaled packs. stay away from these.

Nerd Koof99 says:

Encode is also from the same structure deck xD

Luminous player says:

if they are terrible but actually sell, doesnt that make it a brilliant product?

No2h Returns says:

instructions unclear, bought 50 mystery packs

wally4 golly says:

What you really mean when you say don’t buy mystery boxes is that we should buy them. I know what’s up 😉

Ed Boon says:

Why are people so confused as to why dzeeff keeps buying these? It’s a review. The same reason why game reviewers buy bad games.

Lucian_Drakor says:

If I’m not mistaken, I think you pulled ojama trio out of the pack you pulled out mirage knight in the last video too…

B-man The Champ says:

Well, Doug, you might feel like you got ripped off but at least all the packs you buy have all the cards still in them. Little Kuriboh is opening packs on his channel and TWICE he opened a pack only to find cards missing.

Lord Taragana says:

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Cobalt says:

I opened a Holiday Edition Mystery Power Box (the white one) and it had all of its packs. As I was opening each pack, I eventually got to a Maximum Crisis pack. I thought to myself, “maybe I’ll get an ash!” Little did I know that I would be very discounted. The pack had been resealed and didn’t even have a holo OR a rare… don’t buy those

Miguel Ramos says:

“But Doug, what if you get a money card out of your pack”

vanidemo says:

I dunno it seems like you made your buck back

GiantDadBroMlg says:

Skill drain op op.

iLikeKFC says:

Products like these really feel like an evil way to get rid of overstock, logic says these packs should actually cost lower than just buying them normally like dzeeff suggests but lol nope

Markus Rochin says:

You don’t get a play set of the promos from one box. There is only one of each per box.

Mr. GOD says:

Where are the cereal box opening videos.?

Kris Alvarez says:

Until ppl stop buying into these horrible products we cannot expect Konami to give us things like an ash blossom in a structure deck.

Lazy Lee says:

The 6+ on the packs are not for how many you should buy, doug

Mark Welch says:

Atem, how could you!

Relptica says:

“This is the biggest rip-off I’ve ever seen in my entire live.”

> Buys 6 immediately

Cherry Inmato says:

But doug you pulled a 1 dollar card and a 5 dollar pack for 6 dollars. You made it even. Kappa

One Geek Vs All Mainstream says:

I got the Power Boxes and Got 3 Chaos Dragon Structure decks among the 3 I bought.

Vincent Gardener says:

Dzeef has bought enough Mystery Power boxes for all of us! Thank you poppa Zeef

X P says:

I’m not tacitly complaining that you open packs here sometimes because I love this shit. But that’s why I immediately would sub to a second dzeeff channel where all you do is open packs.
BUT, I’d report it for hate speech if it wasn’t named “This IS a Pack Opening Channel”.

Omar Valentini says:

Rabbit is the best frog.

Change my mind.

Alex Reyes says:

But Doug, I want to buy mystery packs to tell people not to buy them.

ItsWonkaVision says:

Just buy singles

Giant Mech forest soldier says:

I’m so over “legacy packs” Konami needs to start reprinting mid GX and late DM packs (ancient sanctuary to flaming eternity) and (enemy of justice to Gladiators assualt) these lame legacy packs of this sort needs to stop. not enough alternative old packs are getting enough attention nowadays.

Timothy Lei says:

So……..don’t buy one

Ethan Murray says:

Oh my god, here we go again.

That was satisfying

Crimson Sunnernite says:

Doug, you’re part of the problem. You buy these packs in multiples and tell others not too. And this is NOT a pack opening channel

MetalheadDragon says:

But Dzeeff, you got a secret rare in a pack thats been reprinted 500 times, thats valuables

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