The Strangest Yu-Gi-Oh! Product Ever Made

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Prokrastiautistische Aktion says:

Can you do a review series of the virus traps?

enigma1256 says:

Dunno, I do kind of like the platinum rarity look, maybe it’s your camera that makes them look good 😀

I can't th1nk of A b3tt3r name says:

I like the platinum rate tbh I enjoy the shine across the whole card

Deon Blue says:

I hate that monster zones are so important now, cause I reallllly hate having them on mats lol

Marcus Bollar says:

I like how they did it, I wish they can do something like this with the legendary decks. I remember in think it was around Christmas of that year where I got it for 20 bucks. I used the big box to stored 1/5 of my collection.

Joe TheDragonKing says:

I found that box in a Barnes and nobles clearance bin for $17.99. Couldn’t pass it up and I don’t even like the set lol

Pedro Emrich says:

This product idea is not bad, but the deck that is included is horrible. Imagine a box like that with a meta archetipe like Sky Striker for exemple, would be a exelent product! Change somethings like including three copyes of each card or lowing the price and is done.

Vic says:

The most hated Yu-Gi-Oh! archetype ever made (for stupid reasons).

BinaryHedgehog says:

I saw this box at a Target or Wal Mart recently (yes, the Year of our Lord 2018) and didn’t know what to make of it. This explains it.

Stellar Yugioh says:

This thing came with a YCS entry? What the fuck I was gypped!

xkaitoukidx says:


Blackleg Melloi says:

I read this as Strongest and was very dissapointed lmao

matty9460 says:

What camera are you using? If it’s an SLR you should probably put it to manual focus and step down the lens a few stops

1OO1O11O11O1O says:

You and a lot of people seem to like Noble Knights even though they are bad to play. What were some of the best Noble Knight decks in competitive history, I wonder.

AdrianAnt Gamer! says:

I spent a dollar on the foolish burial from this set. Lol

Andrew Phillips says:

I remember seeing this at Barnes and Noble. I think it was more expensive there.

wally4 golly says:

I like platinum rare

Altharos says:

Hi there,

Thanks you for the video, intersting as always.
Actually, I’m watching you from Switzerland and I do have bought this product since I like the archetype , theme and illustrations.
I was surprised that they changed the packaging for the french market (or europa) and not only that. We don’t even have neither the sleeves, the booster nor the invitation.
I’m glad they did’nt put the monster or trap/spell zone on the playmat. I don’t like it and don’t think it’s really usefull.

Dreary doll says:

Well, on positive note, isolde an by extend GOUKI EXTRA LINK happened thanks to noble knght.

Joe TheDragonKing says:

It’s weird … he went through the deck and it seemed like the only monsters in the deck were “him” “that guy” and “borz”.

MushyTehGamer says:

If you think about the foil tinting in one way, I think it compliments the style of the Noble Knights, as they’re mostly light, which shows when you look at the cards with the shine on full display, but some of them become dark monsters with the equips, which happens when you look at the cards from other angles. Also, apparent bias applied, I don’t think the platinum foil is terrible, just isn’t anything special.

Frazamatron says:

I hate monster zones on mats

Enraded Sevenfold says:

I was actually got 3 copies of this box for $25 a piece

wally4 golly says:

dzeef: “There were 20 cards in the power up pack” Me: “You mean all 6 of em?”

lvl5Vaporeon says:

Cyberdark Impact to me was the wierdest. I want to know what they were thinking…

Michael Zamora says:

WRONG!!!! This is NOT the weirdest yugioh related product…. THat belongs to the Dirt Dueler Bath kit… Had Shower Gel, Deodorant, and A Millennium Puzzle Soap on a Rope…

supersendojarren says:

my Walmart has a lot of noble knights of the round table for some reason.

Yuta Raf says:

It’s actually a good idea. If only they picked another archetype and put multiple copies of the good cards

vanidemo says:

Are there any other box set?

Drak says:

Talk about the 15 card extra deck restriction and whether or not it should be increased or not

Eric Gibson says:

Platinum Rare > Gold Rare

Lucas Phoenix says:

The box was like 40 not me when it first came out. Wish I got it as a kid

Nightcore Caliber says:

Hey dzeeff, can you make a video of your all time favorite yugioh cards that you still like even today?

Angry Pineapple says:

My teacher bought that and then it got stolen from him then he bought another just to duel during lunch

Siriusly Orion says:

I actually kinda like the platinum rarity

TheTrueiceking says:

congrats on your invitation to YCS prague 2015

Oscar Terrazas says:

I believe lightsworn were the first tcg exclusive set.

Nivrus The Wayfinder says:

Brought two of these then top may first tournament with them, plus I love the rarity

gully foyle says:

I hate the Noble Knight box sets for the stupid mats they came with if nothing else. Without all the extra crap it would have actually been a nice structure deck, but those mats are just pointless padding that unnecessarily increased the price of the product. Plus you literally can’t give the damn things away, I bought 100 of these boxes for the singles when they first came out (I sell Yu-GI-Oh for a living) and I still have 96 mats cluttering up my house close to 4 years later because nobody will buy them for more than it would cost to post them out. It’s fricking ridiculous. I’d throw them away if it wasn’t for the fact the mats are actually pretty good quality, it just seems like such a waste and it’d be horrendous for the environment to landfill them, so I can’t bring myself to do it. 🙁

Jason Rodriguez says:

I love Noble Knights , i Buy two box in that time

aidan cossin says:

Tbh when you hold it right it looks like it was engraved on metal

Archbishop Benedictino Kripperino says:

My favourite pack opening channel

Beary Boy says:

“Congratulations You’ve *won* a free ycs invite!”
Didn’t he buy it?

Impiex says:

I actually like the idea behind this set. If Konami were to release a Structure Deck including three copies of each important card combined with a fitting map and sleeves and puts some actually decent boosters filled with staples for the main/extra deck into it, I would consider buying it even for a higher price tag.

Apfeltee aqt says:

I Really like The rarity

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