This Subterror Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck is Way Too Expensive (Guru Control)

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___ I3ambi says:

Is time thief a deck yet?

Ace says:

12:12 Dzeff gets banned for year by konami

Maximillian Figueroa says:

Who said your Pot of Duality had to be in ultimate rare lol?

Lightning shadows says:

Hey dzef can you tell me about the Earthbound Immortal Yu-Gi-Oh cards I don’t know much about them, the only thing I know about them is the anime

Kenjineos says:

May be in the next sets Thanos Dragon will become a real card…

Ketsura says:


Do I see a Utopia?

I like it…

(And can happen ppl cant afford impernance, but afford the extravagance, because if u have some money to throw into a expensive card, I think its always best spend in thing that advance the game, because you dont always need negate things to win, but you need have certain cards to win).

Weeb Cardamom says:

Isn’t skill drain really good in this deck? I mean, Final Battle basically make SD just for your opponent. At least thats what my friend that has been testing the deck does.

adamushu says:

You can also use guru to flip the down and use volteluric to steal it.

Talking Plant says:


Draven1895 says:

I see 2 Gozen and 2 Only One, but which ever is more consistent for the player

Sascha Hammer says:

2 Pots out of one Case. That’s just very disgusting Konami.

Game Scape says:

Rumor has it skill drain is pretty damn good in this deck with final battle

DemonFox369 says:

*Activates Noblemen of Crossout*

Nekroz Diamond says:

Make Thanos Dragon a thing Komoney >¬>

Yugioh Legend says:

Thoughts on Shared Ride in main or side to act as a Maxx C to have constant card advantage

Placeholder YGO says:

Ahh the deck is too expensive because you need phantazmay, a card that is almost always dead against altergeist and is usually dead against tdragon

Brandon Murray says:

Does anyone know how much this deck costs?

My Name Duwang says:

Guru strong boi

Robert Anselmo says:

I wish warrior didnt have to tribute himself and another card. If he could just tribute himself that would be awesome!

Gu Jianing says:

Trolled us by having the guru printed in common

Dark Magician says:

Hi random person

ForeverRanger 91 says:

Aren’t a lot of stun decks not worth the money you are spending? I remember Duality was over 100 USD and it was a 3 of in any non-meta deck. Konami takes their sweet time giving cards like Impermanence a reprint. Cards like Ash, Impermanence, Evenly matched, etc shouldn’t take forever to get an affordable reprint. Yeah Ash was reprinted twice but not in a way for it to be affordable for all players until Soulburner. Cost is one of the biggest reasons why players are leaving Yugioh.

Alonso Arana says:

Well I mean the Thanos Dragon is trying to balance the game. “The hardest choices require the strongest wills”

scabs3 says:

Hey dzeeff, I’m hoping you see this comment. I know you can do whatever type of video you want, and that’s fine.
But I’d like to ask that you make a video on the Cyberse/Code-Talkers archetype as a whole. I also ask that you include the OCG support that Codetalker should have but for some reason don’t.
You’ve made it clear that Cyberse is an overly fair and garbage archetype when it come to competitive. I want to know what can make it better (including the OCG) I personally play Codetalkers on Yugioh Sims. While I don’t think they’re broken. I have moderates amount of fun.
-Please talk about Cyberse (OCG support as well?)
Thanks if you read this. Bigger thanks if you actually make a video on it.
Repost #5

Zeph tube says:

Next thing this deck will be banned

TheIcenick says:

Where did you get those nice sleeves lol

Happyboo56 says:

Don’t wanna play this deck, not a fan of budget decks

Xdiamond 227 says:


Nick T says:

This is **zoom zoom** GURU CONTROL even the camera is hype

Pladatookus #242 says:

What about exiton knight? Considering it’s a control deck, once you lose your control, you need a way to “reset” or tip the odds in your favour again

spectrum 909 says:


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