Thomas Rose Burning Abyss Deck | February 2019 | Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game

Tom and Dante are back again, not even the loss of Fairy Tail – Snow can stop them! This weekend Tom took 2nd place at the Cardiff regional.

What are your thoughts on BA for the coming fromat?


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zarfies23 says:

3 baby white dragon is bad

captain bommelmützen says:

Can you do a Budget Deck?

Wet Lettuce says:

Dante will never die

pro711200 says:

What advantage does BA have over the orcust danger deck that topped ycs chicago?

Rescal says:

Thomas Rose my Man!!!!

Could'veBeenBetterProductions says:

what about using the psychics from savage strike with Coral Dragon? seems like it has really good synergy with BA and linking, as well as drawing.

GamingInteriorHD says:

As i sold my jackalope and snake what could i replace them with within 8 cards all i can think of is add a second scram and black dragon and play the level 3 pyschics and figure out what to replace in the extra deck for brio

carlos miguel angel carrasco says:

Congratulation for your continuos tops in diferents places, but sorry i cant see the last trap card in your sideck…name please…i cant hear you..xd

Sebastian says:

Hey Thomas, what do you think of the Danger Orcust Sekka build Ed Acepcion used to get top 8 at Ycs chicago? I feel like that deck does what ba does right now, but even better. Also have you tried the Orcust engine in BA yet?

Darieldon Medeiros says:

I can’t get the borrelsword dragon, I only have borreload. I can still OTK the opponent?

Tom Hoggart says:

No borreload, interesting, what’s the reason why?

Lukas Tremmel says:

One of the Most anticipated video this century. Thomas what do you Think of the orcust Danger Deck that just turbos borrelsword, do you Think its the more effektiv ba right Now?

Topazlad says:

Class is in session, Professor Rose is here to school everyone. Thanks for the updated list! Have you missed the edge imp sabres / math combo at all? Also, how often did you resolve EED? This is going to help me improve so much, I appreciate every piece of insight.

Harps W says:

I guess that’s why i was so bad at the deck, I was going first.

anastasios moulios says:

What about guardragons for the small dragons? And how u beat Altergeist game 1?? And prankids with no side. Cause ok ss is easy but the others seem tough. Thanks and Gj again. We were looking forward to seeing your profile!

Honoka says:

It’s 4AM and I’ve never clicked ‘like’ on a video so fast

JOAKO R says:

9 ba, 11 danger, no peregrin and no other xyz ?? Sorry Bro but i prefered the old versión With bls, rescue Cat and clasics xyz

Jstearking says:

You inspire me to play yugioh again

Capitan Findus says:

Can a cheaper version of the deck still be good in your opinion? Like without borrelsword and the danger

Rescal says:

Shoutout to my girlfriend … >.< so cute <3

laurent wong kee miow says:

I think you can play BLS on this build because of the kaijus and the dragon are light n dark attribute.

manuel siboni says:

It isn’t BA

WindFall says:

The god haven’t abandoned us!

wolffalcofox says:

I stopped watching after seeing the cancer. Sorry danger*

YGOTolley says:

You can still use Allure under Lancea, you just have to reveal you have a dark monster to be able to banish so you do not have to discard your whole hand

Carlo Reyes says:

@MrThomez hi sir, i wold just like to ask how you build BAs in the ocg? would u biuld differently considering its basically at full power there? thanks!

GGWP says:

Rest in peace purple Dante…. we will always miss you…. <3 <3 <3

Prénom Nom says:

What do you think of the psychic extender combined with borreload savage dragon ?

Etan says:

Where’s the block dragon?

Alejandro Gamez says:

Grande thomas rose!!

Kedriyn Yumul says:


scrapdragon95 says:

How do you set up for Virus 1st turn?

Cristian Perez says:

What are you tributing with EEV?

Jacopo Staccioli says:


TheMaundy69 says:

Going to rebuild my deck after snow ban i only have 2 snake 2 jackalope and 2 nessie im looking to run 3 Bigfoot to help e virus

Jack MacGregor says:

Interesting to see still using the baby chaos dragons. I am a fan of the block dragon, power giant given that I can’t afford the dangers. Still love seeing this list. Great job in Cardiff and good luck in Germany

Ethan Rodriguez says:

The psychic tuner is only if you want to play brionac

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